Weekly Trend 1 Hour Pullback Trading Strategy

Weekly Trend 1 Hour Pullback Trading Strategy

http://www.forexreviews.info – As promised, in this video I go over the way a trader can trade the weekly engulfing method for trend direction without risking the massive amount of pips of say trading the weekly chart directly. Method involves identifying a potential signal for a trend direction on the weekly chart and then dropping down to a lower time frame such as 4 hour and 1 hour to buy or sell on pull backs in the direction of the weekly chart signal bias.

Method is extremely effective as it looks at signal biases from the Weekly Chart.

Be advised, this is a trend based trading strategy and like all strategies, they do not work all the time..

Video Disclaimer – Forex is risky, so trade at your own risk.


  1. nanthapob1976

    hi Tom,
    what about if I use daily candle then trade in m15

  2. Charanjit Banga

    Tom you are a credit to this hard industry for beginners. Thanks man.

  3. this is a trading gold mine!! WOW

  4. I thought engulfing meant higher high and lower low? Some of those you have marked are not engulfing, or have I got it wrong?

  5. Where's the BB's and RSI made 10k last week doing market pullbacks im tempted to do weekly now

  6. Thanks for the video. Instead of Bollinger bands, try Donchian channels with a filter. I only consider engulfing candles on the weekly chart if price is in sync with the 50 SMA. Then, I check the 4HR or 1HR TF and trade with the 21 period Donchian channel for trigger (in the direction of the weekly candle) and the 8 period Donchian channel for exit. Amazing!

  7. Thnks man..give me a new sight in trading.

  8. I trade profitably with weekly candles… profitably and reliably. However, every-time I try to move to an hourly time frame I get absolutely completely and totally slaughtered! So I came to conclusion it was simply not tradeable.. but I'd like to be wrong!

  9. Excellent video.

  10. Very good idea! Looking at weekly charts on Saturday and/or Sunday, we can plan for the new week. Have a happy new year, Tim!

  11. epic, thanks

  12. Aitch!

  13. Tshepo Sebola

    Great video. Just wondering what charting software you were using? Thanks

  14. Christiana Kyriacou

    many thanks for sharing your expertise it personally gives me more belief and confidence in trading. God bless you man!

  15. Emanuel L. Utsey

    Hey you

  16. Ashley Jessica

    Just try App Stock bot

  17. You can do this on the easiest way by using Stochastic (15.3.3) indicator in combination with RSI (14) and search any Chart on Daily or higher frame to find oversold or overbouth. You spending to much time to detetect maximum braking point to start trade. With my method, you will have 90% probability to enter the trade and start making profits in first 5 minute. I never wait signal to go sell or buy, its too late to wait confirmation candle and its so risky on some instruments to do. Trading without RSI and Stochastic is time wasting and walking in the fog. I need 10 seconds to find and calculate exactly moment of last Tick up or down and i enter into the trade right in moment before shoothing star or pinpoint starting to creates itself.

  18. I love you. You share your knowledge but never ask for money. Thanks for the time and efforts. Very clearly explained.

  19. FuzzzeProductions

    So you're detecting the trend with your previous video, and now you're doing a lot of trades with for example the bollinger bands until the weekly chart tells you with the engulfing candle that the trend is changing?

  20. Great video and explanation of this method.
    Thanks mate

  21. The way you don't ask for money and reveal everything makes me love you. Great work man!

  22. This video is a reeal eye opener on how to use the weekly charts, its engulfing candles to trade successfully the hourly… Great.

  23. Great Strategy thanks for sharing. I like the idea that your are getting in with good timing.

  24. Nicolas Bowers

    Hey Timon, just wondering how you highlight the candles i can't seem to do it at all, probably something simple haha! cheers.

  25. thomas jarman

    Just back tested this and works really well

  26. what tool is it that you are using? Nice vid!

  27. what should beginer learn first step.  can you tell me . im just 22 

  28. Shariful Huq Shawon

    Brother you are just great…i have learned so many thing from your videos ….. Brother I have a question about different market session like Asian, European and USA market behavior. Could you please share your experiences about the market behavior cycle in different market session.

  29. redthehardstyleman

    Great video 🙂 cant wait to try this but will have to for the setup 🙂

  30. Eniola Ayanda


  31. Riki Risnandar

    i like this trend following using weekly charts and enter in 1 hr tf

  32. That's great, thanks. You show us when to enter and hold the trade as long as possible. Could you show us some example when to get out?

  33. isn't it fun backtesting? 

  34. In reality you wouldn't know where the top of each signal was

  35. why don't you use volume in your trading? Volume is everything!

  36. Forex Reviews

    Trailing stop is an option, also you could manually pull up stop as the trades moves your way..

  37. Md Ashikur Rahman

    Are we gonna hold all the trade by trailing the stop? If so how

  38. Md Ashikur Rahman

    Great thanx

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