Using Fibonacci to Trade Forex and Indices – Beginner/Intermediate

Using Fibonacci to Trade Forex and Indices – Beginner/Intermediate

In this video I go over how to use Fibonacci when trading. I outline the strengths of using Fibonacci and also a good way to pair it with support and resistance.


  1. another top notch video! i presume this would work well for swing trading?

  2. Patrick Quek Ci Yuan

    Thanks for the vid, it was very easy to understand. You said that you prefer fibonacci for higher timeframes since trends can last for days, however as a day trader (not a scalper) trading indices, do you think the market observe fibonacci lvls on small time scales on M1?

  3. Thank you. Very useful.

  4. What would you consider to be the most effective and easy to use trading platform for a first timer?

  5. I am confused about how you are drawing your fibonacci line. When taking the fib trend line from the low, for example, up to the next high. you seem to take it quite a bit to the right of the high candle instead of the actual candle, which changes the angle of that line.

    Does that not change where the fib levels are?

  6. Three conf good advice

  7. I've been watching alot of videos, but I wish I didn't. Watching your videos made me understand it alot easier. Had to be said. Thanks

  8. Thank you very much for this video. I really like your 3 confirmation setup.
    * Should we place S/L level at the beginning of the confirmation candle T/P up to the next S/R level ? Please comment.

  9. Too much talking …

  10. Man i love all your teachings, you are the reason i am well educated on forex. You break everything down so incredibly. You the man!

  11. The best video for me in terms of Fibonacci. It also goes well with my strategy and trading level. Thanks.

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