Urban Forex – The Fractal Guru Strategy

Urban Forex – The Fractal Guru Strategy

Today, I am talking about the fractal guru strategy. During this video you’ll learn how to use the Fractal Guru Strategy and we’ll explore some of other topics about forex trading.

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  1. Karol Vesely

    Levin, fractal arrow shows up after 2 more candles, not one! Fractal consist from 5 candles. 2 on left and 2 on right. Easier would be to count manually just 3 candle fractal.

  2. JElayne9, Your comment intrigued me. Did you enter after the 2nd candle? I trade commodities with this technique and it does whipsaw me from time to time but I was considering using it for Binaries and trading for 5 -8 candles total.(on a 5 minute chart , I will buy a binary about 30-45 minutes prior to expiration). Any comment is appreciated. Thanks.

  3. fractal is based on five candles and not three candles, this is do at previous chart, if live trade using this system sure losing money

  4. Dominick Vega

    Fractals are absolutely phenomenal! you wouldn't know it from this video… 96 pips? Try 9.6 pips…106 pips? Try 10.6 pips. A fractal is based on a five candle pattern…not 3. Guru?…more like goofball…

  5. Chimp Master

    This is totally fucked up.  Have you actually read any of the books by Bill Williams where he discusses what a fractal is and how to trade it?  (Doesn't appear like it.)

  6. I found that this indicator works great in conjunction with trading long wicks. I trade binary options so I can get in and out of a trade. This way, there's no target price to wait on. Through back testing. I found that trading wicks 2-3 times the size of the candlestick in conjunction with using the fracal indicator is my golden nugget. Happy trading guys.

  7. Guiller Krax

    it´s true. very risky

  8. Buen Trading

    come to watch my videos, I have one of the best indicators for forex based on divrgence, rather retanble earn thousands of pips

  9. @mylpmwr
    It is possible, I usually pull in about 650 pips a week. Finding the right trading system is key. I've tried them all, narrowed it down to one extremely powerful technique. If you wana learn watch this video –> bit.ly/N2gSkU?=hpkaqb

  10. thank u urban forex iam mohamed from Egypt

  11. @justmeabs You're welcome.

  12. tnx for making this video. for the effort.. 🙂

  13. This is interesting stuff Navin… !

  14. foreshadow20

    What period does this apply?

  15. there is an inconstitancy in this video about the entry.

    A fractal can disappear after the 2nd candle has formed because fractal are based on 5 candles and not 3.

    To be consistent using backtesting, one has to consider the 3rd candle after the fractal and not the 2nd.

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