Urban Forex – Pro Trading Strategy Basics

Urban Forex – Pro Trading Strategy Basics

Today, I am talking about my Pro Trading Strategy. During this video you’ll learn how to use the Pro Trading Strategy and we’ll explore some of other topics about forex trading.

Please click the following link for more Information about the ‘Pro Trading Strategy’:

I hope you have enjoyed my video. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions about the Pro Trading Strategy and don’t forget to like my video. Thank you 🙂


  1. can i know indicators you use for MT4?

  2. the 4th day pivots seem to hold as well so am I right in thinking we just use 3 days worth of pivots?

  3. I like this, worked well for me so far thank you for upload ; )

  4. Any one tried the Trabeplom System (look on google search engine)? We've heard several awesome things about this popular system.

  5. Fx SamuraiRobot

    Hey, thanks for video! Most of the time I trade by my own.
    I found free robot, It makes me small, but stable profit. Awesome 🙂
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  6. Thank you for this video!! Be blessed

  7. The phone call!!

  8. Does anyone know where I can get the pivot points that are not in zip form? 

  9. Raymond Cajigal

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  12. Navin, do you know the strategy with two moving averages and the parabolic sar? this strategy has worked for me very well, its also a trend strategy

  13. thanx Navin for your valueble insights.. very good information in video..

  14. Jackson Philips

    Thanx Navin, You are the best.. Thank you for sharing the Knowledge.. 

  15. Sanjay Ramachandra

    Thank you, Navin. You and your org mean well and it is clear to see. Unfortunately, though, i lost quite a bit following the pro strategy. yes i followed the rules for exhaustion candles and all (well sorta) but i made three trades in 3 days and lost every trade.

    i am very keen to only trade this wonderful strategy. can you help let me know which is the best time(singapore) to trade this pro strategy?

    Have a blessed day, Navin.

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