Understand Forex – For Beginners

Understand Forex – For Beginners


This video will explain the Forex market to you in a simple way. It is aimed at complete beginners and is the sort of video I wish had been available when I first got started.

The video will outline what the Forex market is, how it moves and who trades it. This is important for anyone considering learning to trade.


  1. Romelle Greenidge

    You're a legend man good stuff. I subscribed!!!
    Quick question… when you say go long when the pip rises do you mean to buy or sell? Or does that refer to something else?

  2. Thank you so much

  3. What are the tax laws when it comes to trading forex in the UK?

  4. Matthew Williams

    you make it so easy for me to understand. Top of that I am Deaf. I am looking forward to start it this month.

  5. Milan Manasievski

    amazing! Thank you!

  6. I like your style, wished I had find you early.

  7. Modisa Motswane

    How do I find a legit Broker??

  8. superbananavoltex

    Hi, may I know what platform are you trading on? Is it MT4?

  9. Love your videos, extremely helpful !

  10. The Mastermind

    the statements are rather succinct and informative. especially the psychology of the market. understanding others begins with understanding yourself.

  11. Your a good man James Orr you'll have many blessing for paying it forward your knowledge is power keep sharing! Thank you!

  12. man Thank you really know how to explain stuff very clearly and to the point not a lot of rumbling as I see in other videos

  13. Mohamad Islam

    mate, you are amazing, this is astounding work, I hope that you are successful in whatever you do in the near future. this is very helpful, it is highly, highly appreciated. I thank you!!

  14. karen GADIILE

    hey I  am a bit confused….why are you rounding the rate by power of 10??

  15. Amar Groodoyal

    Thanks mate

  16. sooooooo eaasy to understand…thank you man

  17. Why did you pick Forex over Emini? I looking at both and just trying to learn the basics.

  18. Great video James. Easy to understand, precise to the point and well presented. Thanks heaps, it really helps us newbies.

  19. Thanks sir , your videos are great and easy to understand for beginners like me, Thanks a lot 😀

  20. Hi Desicive Trading,Is it nearly necessary to pay for training if ALL this info is on youtube? I'm a beginner and would rather save money for when I'm ready to trade live then to spent money on lessons that I can get on resources like youtube.I found this VERY HELPFUL THANK YOU!!!!

  21. Petom Kochawattana

    Thank you, yes it's easy to understand.

  22. Very easy to understand. You are now my go-to guy for trading.

  23. 8O's neon Love

    Man, no homo but I love you for these vids. They're extremely helpful. Thank you so much man. 👍👍

  24. hi! question from a real beginner, what does going long and going short actually mean? is it the length of time you keep the trade going?

  25. Hey which program do you use in your videos to draw supp and resistance etc. because it looks really neat.

  26. krughan henderson

    love your videos …. dam.. they are clear concise and very informative…… I appreciate the effort and time ……. really your are too good….. thanks for the lessons

  27. Thank you again, a video on emotions what people are thinking would be helpful….

  28. im studying from this to trade on my own and make living going to focus on the information

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  30. Alison Turton

    Thanks James

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