Tutorial [Forex Trading] How to backtest a trading strategy

Tutorial [Forex Trading] How to backtest a trading strategy

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In this Tutorial i will be showing you how to create and backtest a simple trading strategy. This how to video is based around Forex but the principles in this tutorial can be used across all markets and all time frames. In this tutorial i will be using a double top and double bottom trading strategy as an example, to show you exactly how i backtest all the trading strategies that i use in the markets every day. Backtesting in my opinion is one of the most important parts of trading Forex so knowing how to do it properly will be imperative to the success of any trader that plans create a trading plan based around technical analysis. I hope you enjoy this tutorial and please like subscribe and comment if you have any questions or recommendations on my next video!! Thanks!


  1. I understand the benefits of unlocking auto scroll to get better data, by scrolling back, but are there any benefits of keeping auto scroll off all the time?

  2. Awesome stuff man, cheers

  3. I had an issue with my forex this morning, everything was slow, and the backtesting has already finishes. How can I avoid backtestng slowing my system down after it's completed. Im guessing it stores stuff?

  4. In the report it shows "profit" and expected payoff, which one is the actually money you bank?

  5. Great video. Just got to know you and your videos and you are a great teacher. Just wanted to know if you manually backtest or have a software you would recommend. Thanks again for the great video

  6. This was very helpfull! Will check out more videos 😉

  7. sir, great work. good explanation. I wish to learn more from you. how?

  8. You have amazing content Steven. I may very well sign up and subscribe with you. Where are you from if I may ask? Your accent sounds southern

  9. Price Chinedum

    Also add what time frame you took those trades on.

  10. Thanks for the video, it really helps, how do you avoid looking at what happened after the trade though and just cheating while backtesting?

  11. Trevor ghostfrt

    this is a really good video and even though I have been through a lot of trading education, both self and commercial, I felt i have learned a number of things from this video. Perhaps with the technique your describing; getting back to basics is the way to adjust my trading for much beter returns. Even though i never do it, i will hit subscribe like and share. thanks!

  12. Satyanarayan S

    Stevan- once again a nice video. You are pointing a way to me. I "know" so many strategies but never ever tested them. So this was a nice tutorial-simple as it was- to test any such theory. And once it has a good past history, it can become a real strategy..Keep up the good work.

  13. Superb!

  14. By far the best trading educational content available. keep up the good work.

  15. very helpful videos! Looking forward to your website and your training courses man. Do you backtest all your strategies manuelly only? Or are there ways to do it kind of automatically? I would also like to ask you what do you think are good traders yearly returns in the forex market. Of course its different from trader to trader but what is realistic in your opinion. thanks a lot

  16. What about corelation, when u have multiple set-ups that u trade on different pairs.. for example 2 USD majors on the GBP/USD and EUR/USD there is a set-up (same set-ups ( 2 double tops) , different set-ups [gartley and cypher]). Do you take both trades or just one of them?

    Thanks for your advice!

  17. Am new to all this trading … But your videos are just the ticket, thanks for sharing your knowledge bro. I will go over these time and time again to fully understand it all. Cheers !

  18. Vishant gujarati Trãdê løss

    sir plese uplode video how ti.use demand&supply in forex market

  19. thanx for ur videos. they are easier to understand. u got a new subscriber.

  20. Freddy A Journey 2 Greatness

    Thanks for another great and useful video. Question, I'm in the process of back testing my entries are on the 1H chart, on tradingview I can only go back to last just, is 10 months OK for back testing? On the weekly I can see all the chart but I don't trade on the weekly :

  21. Amit Khandelwal

    Hi,, Thanks for the video. I would like to know what platform I can find Historical intraday charts (5 or 15 minutes charts for 5 years) to backtest the strategy. Could you please advice? Thanks

  22. Mauricio Arcehelizaga

    Hi, Thank you for this interesting video. I'm a beginner using MT4.
    I'd like to know if is there any way to do automated trading using patterns, like coding an EA to trade when the conditions are met. Thanks

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