Trading Forex using Heiken Ashi and Moving Average

Trading Forex using Heiken Ashi and Moving Average

This is a simple system that help you to identify an ongoing trend and provide you with the opportunity to join the trend for a good profit.


  1. Hi, thanks for sharing your strategy. I have few questions, I know you can suggest!
    1. In case of Short position, SL will be above high of pull back.
    2. How you calculate Target price considering Risk Reward ration?
    3. I believe, we can use this strategy on USOIL as well?

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  12. BrandonLamarMusic

    Hi… quick question. is it possible for a second heiken Ashi candle on an up trend to be same as previous candle but at a loss in money even if you went with direction of candle??

  13. What time frame is this best used on? Would you use it for scalping?

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  15. Love this video. Is this strategy still profitable for you?

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  20. thanks for sharing! deeply appreciate it.

  21. great presentation, I am subscribing

  22. Its me again! my question is when will you consider to move your stop loss to breakeven? like when you have >100pips profit?

  23. Can I have you email? I have a few question to ask you..

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  27. I will use your advise,thanks!!!!

  28. Hi there makemo8… and thank you for this clean and clear strategy… can you please add details on how to determine the TP level… regards :)


  30. Using the same strategy in reverse (eg bullish trend) you'd have bought near the top… You simply skipped the middle of the chart. I also assume you're not using much leverage when trading using day long candles 

  31. thanks good strategy , do you still use it now. could you please explain how you choose your targets.

  32. Thanks for sharing this strategy with us… 

  33. Thank you my Friend, this is a very simple, nice and powerful strategy.
    cheers, Reza from The Netherlands.

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