Trader Tips | How To Spot A Trend in Forex

Trader Tips | How To Spot A Trend in Forex

Forex Trend trading is the highly probable way to making consistent pips. and there are many reason why.
I discus why the trend is actually your friend & I hope you traders learn something.
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  1. Please help me out

  2. hey man, great video. can i ask what the name of the computer program ur using is?

  3. hello bro,
    what are the exact things should i have to notice/observe while place an order?

  4. Tyriq Winters

    In my demo I would wait until the NY exchange closes and wait for all trading to go down and around 8-10 pm when USD is dormant place my bet, wait until the morning when everyone wakes up and starts trading and at around maybe 6 am ET I would wake up to a big profit. My broker said if I do that in a live account starting with $100 and 2% margin I'd blow my account. It's never happened in a demo I mean at points I'd be down 2-3k but when it sky rockets 2-300 pips I'd come out with a few thousand dollars. That 2% margin he gives me, does that mean before I close a deal and its negative I'd have $20,000 to go into debt before my account is terminated so so?

  5. Boris Azihuwa

    If i close my eyes, it seems like iam listening to Akil Stokes.
    Great and helpful content btw. 😀

  6. Cynthia Bernardo

    For binary, I get my signals from

  7. darling vinay

    amazing dude
    just subscribed to your channel
    by the way which brokerage is better to trade in forex
    waiting for your recommendation
    N also the software please

  8. Connor Segeren

    did you make the video on why support is a line on small timeframes and why on daily its a zone? loving the telegram group btw

  9. Atlanta tech village??


  11. gittyupalice96

    I like these videos, I'll be honest though I need a lot more information to do this right.. But I understand risk management and how important it is to stay around 2-5% Anyone know where I can get more info, I'd like to capitalize on the fact I'm free from 9am-2pm every day.  -Thanks for the videos by the by

  12. Chandana Roshan

    nice video i lost lot of money in trading hope i can stop it now.. nice platform who is the broker? is that MT4? or binary


    i am looking to enhance my trading skills. Can you help me?

  14. awesome video. how do I know when to enter a trade? how do I know when a trend is coming? how do I predict this?

  15. Let's Play Movies

    Hi! What's your broker and your platform?

  16. Brother, I need you email address or some form of contact.

  17. little bit off-topic but what is the best program to start trading with, especially for a newbie?

  18. clearly an old video! haha. GBP took a huge spill at the end of this week. what are your thoughts on whether this is an establishment of direction for coming months? also, it is worth noting that markets usually alternate between range and trend conditions. so in a way, a market that has been consolidating for a while is actually a good sign that it is about to trend, wouldn't you say?

  19. Eddie Gonzalez

    Awesome video very informative!

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