The Best Candlestick Patterns to Profit in Forex and Indices – For Beginners

The Best Candlestick Patterns to Profit in Forex and Indices – For Beginners

This video will show you the best candlestick patterns to use in Forex and Indexes. They are patterns that I use and have learned through extensive testing and use. Profitable candlestick patterns are important to anyone wishing to learn how to trade using price action.

The video will also explain why each setup works.


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  2. Can you use this patterns for any time frame? 1min/5 min also 1 hour?

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  7. Hi James, In this video you talk about a bearish and bullish pin bar. However, the bearish pin bar is green and the bullish pin bar is red. Please Advise

  8. do you typically trade on 5 minute or one minute charts for your frequency?

  9. this will work with equities as well?

  10. Three method candles pattern, first a strong bearish and the three bulish and again a same size bearish. what it indicates ? selling pressure ? I mean the prediction is sell or buy ? please tell me :)

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  12. Brilliant video's!!!
    Many Thanks!!

  13. nonyameko afiya

    Very informative and simple to follow video! Will check out your other videos too. Thanks!

  14. Great video! Can you recomend a good trading site for demo accounts please? ?

  15. Mohammad nahian Haque

    Hi just asking at ur video 3:24 Pi shows bullish pattern. But my concern in that if the dojji stick formed and then any bullish candle stick form. It should form at that point where dojji ends as bullish stick does not have any tail. Pls clarify

  16. Chapidi Naveen Kumar

    Thank you

  17. Great work !!

  18. Lorenco Bardhoci

    hello, i cant understand the bearish morning start setup, i should wait to see the patern as showed and wait for it to close and then what ? get a call trade or a put? or should i go for the reversal as soon as the morning star closes ?
    The piercing patern as i get it i should wait for the second candle to close and go in for a buy in a bullish or a put?
    and thr engulfing pattern should i want on a pullish one for the big bullish candle to close and then buy a call or put?
    please im a newbie so sorry for asking so much and thanks for your help.

  19. James, thanks for the informative video!
    Got things to ask:
    1. How do you define STRONG Bullish/Bearish Candle?
    2. Also, can you do a video on: Trend Reversal Confirmation?

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  21. thanks for the expertise James…

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  26. Bodhisatwa Mukherjee

    very good video, i profit from this process

  27. Hi James. A fantastic video tutorial. Best regards. Syed.

  28. Hi James, the way how a 1 minute time frame candle sticks looks comparing to 15min time frame candle sticks will be different because its merged into one candle bar within 15min so which time frame is best i could look into for signs like what you showed on the video?

  29. Thanks, James. A lot of good information!

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  32. Hi, your explanations are very clear to follow. Just one question about the Bullish engulfing pattern. In the video you have described how the strong bullish candle should engulf the previous 5 candles, where in the video it seems to only engulf the previous 4. Am I interpreting this correctly? Really appreciate the knowledge you are giving me. really trying to take the details in. Thanks.

  33. Hi i'm very new to trading and only have a £200 Binary options trading account, I have started to view your videos with a lot of interest and you have made me stop and think much more about what I'm doing and that I a lot of what I have read and seen is at best very risky or just out right luck. I heard your 2% out lay so now I only place (bet with a Binary Account) £1 and have now started to make a profit with the help on your videos. The reward with a Binary account is at best only 85% or 1 x .84 but when you don't have much money you start with what you can afford to lose.
    I will be following your videos from now on and learn slowly from you as I feel I can trust what you say ( BS ) and my be some day I can open a real trading account.
    History : Yesterday 26 trades 6 losses 1 equal I made £21 my best day. Thank you James

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  35. Excellent Tutorial….Thank you

  36. Mr.Puggle Entertainment

    love it!!

  37. Thomas Mcknight

    great video can you do one on support and resistance
    and one on price movement

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