Take Profit Strategy | Forex Trading Q&A

Take Profit Strategy | Forex Trading Q&A

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How to find a good take profit level?

Hi everyone! I am here to answer more of the questions that you guys been posting on our socials, particularly the blog. The question we are going to look at in this video is how to ascertain or determine your exit points.

A lot of people are writing in and saying that now they can grasp the fundamentals. They are entering the market and they are day trading. However, they can not quite figure out where do they take profit.

This is a very good question to ask! A good take profit strategy is probably one of the most difficult skills to master.

So in this video I am going to share exactly how me and other traders at SMILe do it when we are day trading the markets.

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  4. old video lets hope you get this Q.
    Do you have any strat for taking part profit ? + why it works/does not work.
    I know there could be many variants but just give a little input/idea based on you 80% take profit rule. thanks 🙂

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    Awesome just what I needed! I was actually testing out this strategy this week. Thanks !

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