Steven Primo s Top Trading Strategies For The Forex Markets

Steven Primo s Top Trading Strategies For The Forex Markets

Trading the Forex is a mystery to most traders, despite being one of the best trending markets available. But where can you find strategies that generate consistent gains in the Forex markets?
Join Steven Primo, Former Stock Exchange Specialist, 37-year professional trader, and Founder of Specialist Trading as he reveals real world trading examples and recent trades from 2 of his most consistent Forex trading methods.

Mr. Primo’s strategies are extremely simple yet versatile, and can be applied to trading currency pairs in any direction and in any time frame.
Steven Primo


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    The secret of a successful trade on Forex!  Now  I has
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    regards , Vladimir .

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  5. Strategy #6 is the PET-D ?

  6. Does strategy #5 work with Heiken Ashi bars as well?

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