South Africa’s Youngest Forex Trader – How I started trading

South Africa’s Youngest Forex Trader – How I started trading

Its being an amazing walk, and its only gona get better.

I am a 24 years old trader who has being trading Forex for the last 3 years to 4 years. And I was studying Civil Engineering And theology when I came to know of Forex and knew at that moment, that Forex was a path I wanted to take for a business and to make a living

You may not like me or what I am doing, But just respect that It is all I know (Including Theology) Lolol.

I am not a Professional trained trader and I’m not doing this video to give investment advice,but just to help you in your journey as a Forex trader. Understand the risks you put on by trading anything. And take full responsibility for them. Thanks



  1. Tell me Mr RICKY what was your initial deposit on your first real account and which broker was that..?

  2. When it started…! baba you motivate me alot!

  3. Gud day! i am a newbie and i really need absolute on one face to face.

  4. hey bro, I would like to connect with you, am also a trader, I would like to get advice from you, I am still an up coming trader

  5. Daniel Jangthanong

    What are the main or you favorite currency pairs that you trade and what kind of trader are you ( trading style ).

  6. Johannes Manaka

    Hi bro inspiring video and story are you on any social networks? if so can you give me your details thanks in advance

  7. thabiso Mphuthi

    This is inspiring man I want to learn about trading so bad but I have no idea where to start.

  8. Could you l please get your assistance l'm going into trading and need guidance.Whats your facebook name??

  9. what SA brokers do you recommend?

  10. Hey brother i would like to ask some questions, also finish the story in don't have face book I would really love to talk.

  11. Hi my brother this is awesome. My facebook name is Tumelo Mokgadi. Please help me to start trading. Thanks

  12. Phelo Silwanyana (Phesta)

    Hey man, I have sent you a message, can you please add me on facebook I am in need of your assistance

  13. Dear all,

    I am currently working for a Regulated Broker doing well in South Africa, it is my job to help people to better understand and access the market in order to trade (with live or demo) so feel free to ask me if you need anything !

    Cheers for the video and good luck for your trades !!


  14. Ronald Maluleke

    Wow. This clearly proves that God is indeed carrying for those who trust in Him. God bless you more brother. I am joining you not so long. 

  15. Keaorata Moepeng

    thank you for your video, just came across it now, i am so passionate and eager about learning on how to trade, i just don't know where to begin, i just need some to teach how to do it, I'd really appreciate it…thank you!

  16. Simbarashe Nyachowe

    Hey man great video.Which trade broker are you using and how much did you start with approximately.

  17. Sindi.y Mahlalela

    big up my brother we are so proud of u, how is one to reach u, email address

  18. This guys almost has a similar story as me,i was also studying civil engineering but when i encountered trading I was hooked.I knew it that school was not my thing.The book that opened my eyes was Think and Grow Rich.

  19. Luyanda Mdhluli

    Hi, howzit? I'm a new Forex trader with CM Trading. Can we hook up somehow and share a few strategies? You can inbox me on FB.

  20. Hi, im very touched by this story because im in the same situation now. i want to trade so bad but i have no help or assistance & im confused, dont know what to do & can"t afford expensive courses. If you can help me I'll appreciate it forever…..

  21. Good day Sir
    I'm Asemahle from East London 25 year old male, i once watched a footage of another trader from Durban thsat was 3/4 years back and since then i loved this field of trading and theres nothing i've been thinking of doing with my life besides trading i done some research about it on the internet but i haven't find out yet actually i was never satisfied, but i went through youtube and found YOU, Man thank god i found you, Can i get any details of yours i would like to contact you i realy this field please get back to me. FACEBOOK: ASEMAHLE MANGCENGEZA
    CELL: 0607478003
    I'm currently in Johannesburg now.

  22. What's up with your audio man

  23. Day Trade Toronto

    glad to see this is being done in the mother land.  We should connect. contact me through I have a business proposal to discuss with you.

  24. Lungelo Ngqumetyana

    Howzit man thanks for this great video i'm in Centurion and i'm interested in day trading but i'm always looking at people outside of SA. So i need to found out what platform are you using and what are you trading CFDs or Forex etc?

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