Simple Forex Trading Strategy For Busy People

Simple Forex Trading Strategy For Busy People

Over the holidays, I’ve had the opportunity to sit down and reflect on some of the things I wished someone had told me when I started trading and as I progressed in my trading career. As a result of this, I’ve compiled a list of things (knowledge as well as tips & tricks) that I’d like to share with you over the coming days and weeks that’ll help you get to the next level in your trading journey, wherever you happen to be at the moment.

Let’s kick things off with our first MASTER CLASS of this year, “The MOST Effective Forex Trading Strategy for Busy People”

In the Master Class, I’ll show you:
1. The Simplest Forex Trading Strategy I’ve found for someone with a busy lifestyle.
2. How to spend less than 60 minutes a day trading and still be profitable.
3. How to effectively scan the markets and trade only the best setups.
4. The step that can Double your profits and cut the time spent trading in Half!

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  1. u help me a lot. I must say that 🙂
    Thx a lot and greez from Germany

  2. Zakir Dungaria

    What risk/reward ratio you prefer?


    nice video

  4. Total newbie question: What are S-2 and R-2?

  5. thanks you Raman can you tell us more about your trading signals and is it applicable to day trading

  6. kemi akindele

    I sincerely appreciate your few videos I ve watched. Am new completely and love to be a professional trader. I will appreciate if you can train and mentor me

  7. Ranjit Daniel

    Thanks Raman. This video was so informative and simple. I'm considering forex trading and have been looking for resources to understand the concepts and charts etc. The way you explained things in this vid was simply outstanding – thank you. I live in NZ and want to know if you can suggest any good trading platforms that I can use for forex trading from here.

  8. kamel ibrahim

    Pravvvvvvo, That is what many of us need in a busy life, now let me start with you , I just started the monthly supscription, and emailed you my skipe name, and still waiting for the pivit Indicator and all the goodies. I will email you my info again, plz continue to help us.

  9. Excellent webinar! I can tell you really are in the market and know what you are doing. Continue to put out this amazing content.

  10. Hi,

    I'm a bit confused because you mention people who don't have the time to look at charts so use the Daily but you're actually dropping down and managing trades at the 1 hour time frame which the average person working 8-4 or 9-5 can't do.

    Do you mean look for a pin bar or rejection at support/resistance on the Daily then at that specific point and time drop down to the 1 hour to look for an entry and leave the trade running all day/2days ?


  11. jayvone severin

    Did you trade while in college? This previous semester I think I only looked at the charts twice, and I'm not even trading live, practicing at the moment. My major takes up a lot of my time, but trading could help me with school expenses. Majoring in Architecture.

  12. francois abley

    Raman is an awesome trader! I recommande at anyone else to take her trading course with venus program for approach on forex market! And she is a very Nice and Secure person!

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