Simple FOREX Strategy on Higher Time Frame (H4)

Simple FOREX Strategy on Higher Time Frame (H4)

In this video I outline a simple trading method for forex traders, on higher time frames, especially H4. I discuss a specific criteria using EMA’s.
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  1. Hi Shiva, just wanted to say thank you for putting these informative videos together, really good. I will be re-watching this very soon. Do you know if you'll have live trading sessions for others to watch/participate/learn from? Thanks

  2. Lawrence Ayansina

    Hi Shiva, the EMA 200 and 50. The EMA 200 is set to open and EMA 50 to close. You did a video on 15 mint time frame for Binary, are they of the same settings too. ( open and close). Thank you.

  3. Hi Shiva,
    What's your opinion on volume price analysis?

  4. Rodger Ladehoff

    Thank You Shiva.

  5. fantastic mate, actually some decent content on youtube, keep it up

  6. hi Shiva
    thanks for another great video I always look forward to them 😁
    The idea of trading 4h chart's is bliss, binary is a bit too fast for me I like a bit more time to think about things.

    thanks again
    best wishes to all

  7. Kenneth Mackie

    Great video Shiva – thank you for sharing your extensive knowledge. I have never tried trading the higher time frames as I always think the stops have to be too big. But with patience and a well timed entry point, maybe not. All the best to you and yours.

  8. Judith Boucher

    What's the noise in the background….

  9. Ogboriefor Omokhagbo

    Hmm, Shiva, this is to say thank you again for this stuff. Well done brother!

  10. Bach Bababach

    Shiva, what is the reason to set 200EMA open?

  11. Thanks Shiva, much appreciation for a very informative video. Blessings and gratitude!

  12. Murali Krishna

    Shiva, Thanks for the short run through of your strategy. I have been waiting for your videos for last one week. Look foreword to watch the videos on patterns and other forex strategies. Stay blessed.

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