Professional Forex Trading Strategy Results – March 2016 Trading Results

Professional Forex Trading Strategy Results – March 2016 Trading Results

The DTFL bank trading strategy is the ORIGINAL forex strategy designed to track smart money. Over 6 years ago I posted a YouTube video titled, Stop Run Reversal Setup – Day Trading Forex Live. While many people have copied us since, no one was talking about stop runs and market manipulation before us. I guess its true what they say, imitation is the greatest form of flattery. With that being said, for those who are learning to trade I firmly believe that tracking smart money is the best and fastest way to become a successful trader.

Learning to trade is an extreme difficult task. So many times unsuspecting retail forex traders get sucked into the belief that they can learn to trade in only a week. The simple fact is, trading is a difficult business to become successful in. The good news is, I firmly believe anyone can learn to do it! Using the simple bank trading strategy you will learn just 1 trade setup. When you focus on just one trade setup it is much easier to succeed.

These month end results videos illustrate the power of using just one trade setup and doing so consistently over years. Over the last 11 months of these month end results videos we have had a compounded gain of +231%. If you want to learn to trade then be sure to check out our advanced bank trading course or send us an email with any questions.



  1. Hello my friend. I am kinda suspicious about mechanical entry and exit strategies, i believe the best traders have discretion and gut feeling to maximizing profits. Is this system profitable even with the ungoing changes on markets? Thanks my friend.

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