Pro Trading Strategy Update for 2016

Pro Trading Strategy Update for 2016

During this video I’ll give you an update about the Pro Trading Strategy and we’ll explore some of other topics about forex trading.

Please click the following link for more Information about the ‘Pro Trading Strategy’:

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  1. hi. i cannot find sign up on urban forex, just log in without option if creating new account. How can i do that? Do i have any benefits from having an account there vs no account? Thank you

  2. Spooder Squirrel

    Is there a way to get this pivot point on tradingview chart? Great video, I am learning :D

  3. I have a problem with the pivot points indicator, the problem is my broker time is different with my computer time so with the pivot point time setting, How do I solve this problem ? thanks…

  4. 종이비행기 파일럿 교실

    I've got a question. The four rules for the exhaustion candle were

    1. Tale Sticks out

    2. There has to be a clear trend (downtrend or uptrend)

    3. The EX candle must be bigger than the previous candle

    and for the fourth rule, i remember this from your first video which was uploaded about two years ago and it said:

    4. The body of the exhaustion candle must be trapped inside the previous candle.

    but it seems like it had been changed to

    4. The tale of the exhaustion candle must be bigger than its body.

    Could you please tell me which one of these two rules should i apply?

  5. I do have one question, if the exhaustion candle if the result of a news release is it best to leave alone or go ahead with the trade?

  6. In a sell you set TP at the bottom and SL above your entry and opposite for a buy correct?

  7. Shadwan ZEKE Mahamad

    Welcome back Navin

  8. Very nice vid, been doing well with this. Thanks!

  9. I'm sorry I don't need to be rude, but what you said in this video is the same that you've been saying for years. What's new? What's the 2016 update? And why the arrogance when you spoke about not answering your emails yourself? I never heard a tone like that from you before, and I am a person who followed you for years. And yet, someone calls you the god of forex? LMAO. For what? For speaking about pinbars for years? Is that it?

  10. you come back sir, navin sir you are the god of forex education………… my dream to meet you once in my life…… thank you sir idol navin ji…………..

  11. Thanks man. This helped me alot

  12. Vinit kumar ojha

    wow very long time i see you here sir…… love you……. i loved the way u r see the market……

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