My 5 best Forex trading tips and tricks

My 5 best Forex trading tips and tricks

Over the course of the last 2 years I’ve slowly learned more about what kind of trading works best for me. So, I thought I would do a video that outlines what have been some of the most pivotal distinctions I’ve made in my trading during that time. These are the forex trading tips that have most helped me become and stay a profitable trader. Hopefully they can help you too! Of course, none of them will guarantee success or work all the time. But you might be able to explore some of these ideas during your trading education (which can be a very long process).

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  1. Here's a neat idea / strategy; Set your Risk Reward Ratio dynamically.
    So, say your win rate in a specific time frame (say, an hour.) is 80%.

    > double win_rate = 80;

    Take your Bollinger Bands and calculate the average highest and lowest price.
    Then calculate the amount of pips between them. (This is a good way you can gauge how volatile the market is right now and set your ratio accordingly.)

    > double band_difference = bollinger_highest_avg – bollinger_lowest_avg;

    So then to calculate your target and stop-loss, just take your calculate your win rate against it.

    > double target = band_difference / 100 * win_rate;
    > double stop_loss = band_difference – target;

    And just keep doing that every hour (or whatever time frame you choose.). Maybe adjust the ratio based on your ideal minimum stop_loss or ideal minimum target, but in theory, this should trade in the most profitable way. If you're losing a lot, it'll increase your stop loss and hope for smaller wins, if you're winning a lot, it'll increase your threshold for wins and minimise your losses. Overall giving you the best chances according to how your trades are performing, and how volatile the market is.

  2. Zdeněk Pečinka

    Hi John, could you please give us few tips about your approach to bot strategy design? So far I tried most basic candlestick patterns in combination with trend detecting indicators, but I am struggling to make any progress.
    A lot of people including you said that it is necessary to keep the strategy simple. But I just don't know what should I imagine as "simple" in forex 😀

    And bonus question: Are your profitable bots profitable generaly(over multiple pairs), or you specialize them to just one pair?
    Last one: What time frames is it best to use when bot trading, from your experience?

  3. Martenus Prince

    thanks for the tips. i think these 5 were quite unique and not so common, great to learn something new, especially when this is super beginner level 🙂

  4. hi, john: what do u think about prorealtime….

  5. Make a video on Trailing Stop Lose and different types of them Thanks.

  6. Hey John, why don't you use the kingfisher ea anymore on your fxbook it was giving great returns until Brexit. couldn't you adapt it to have a tighter stop loss? Great videos by the way, I finished watching them all this morning.

  7. You had me up unti " 5 pips" lol

    What is your average risk/reward if you don't mind sharing?

  8. Hmm…..the math is what important here. Your risk to reward must be horrible. You can go weeks with a wide stop but one loser could wipe out 9 winners.Ryan Brown who might have a few forex videos here still did this with hedging.I figured with him he have to maintain a 95 percent hit rate he agreed months of profitably were wiped out with a few losers he closed his myfxbook to the public because he was not profitable long term and was looking for followers I apologize sounding like a downer but percentages and probabilities are important!

  9. Thanks for the great inside, helpfull, even for someone who isn't trading with robots!

  10. 5pips PROFIT TARGET wtf is wrong with you!

  11. The backup-trading system works on Martingale, right?

    Enjoying your videos, btw!

  12. As a subscriber, just wanted to say thanks for your videos and the time you take to put them together… high five from South Africa

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