Millionaire Shares Secret Strategy

Millionaire Shares Secret Strategy

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  1. Clearly this video went over a lot of people heads they just don't get it. In a way I'm glad because of having an edge over other Trader's.

  2. Melodee Anthes

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  4. for those naysers and non-believers.. HAVE YOU TRIED IT?? (Zone Recovery method) combined with the EXACT rules he set forth in video (20EMA, Daily instrument direction, time period trend, H-A bars, etc ) ?? Well, if you did and applied a little bit of good thinking to it YOU KNOW IT WORKS IF you are not trading on a shoestring trading account size and have discipline.

    I trade using this method and others ( and maintaining a $25k base account size ), with a few common sense tweaks and some analytics on how to setup the zone recovery sizes to minimize whipsaws (that is important). My results are highly profitable. Ok, it takes some work and attention and helps to have skill to do some automation of the analytics (and order placement if possible) but the fact remains THIS WORKS. Far better than 99% of the crap most trading videos are about. I agree that the guy's statements are a bit over the top at times but I've been trading very successfully for many years and this is good stuff when used properly and with experience. IT is NOT for newbies, small shoestring trading accounts, and the risk adverse traders. That said, it is a great addition to a trading arsenal and I use it in one form or another almost every day. I encourage you to try it in a practice acocunt for 90 days then decide – but be sure the rules are followed and the zones are created properly.

  5. Armond Shian

    well, keep in mind hedging is not allowed in U.S once you open a trade you take the opposite side you will close you position in good old days you could hedge but not anymore.

  6. King Armani 0170

    Some of it is true and some is BS !

  7. Lockon Gamer

    You need stop losses, put em a little under support where they can't be knocked out. I don't think this guy is a real trader. if you actually do what he's showing you will probably get wiped, be careful who you listen to.

  8. No Stop loss? U crazy!

  9. Jaime Medina

    Do not believe anything. The goal is to sell software that does not work. See it on google. The hedging system works (apparently). But do not buy the software he sells.

  10. madison madi

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  11. Super video. Thank you for sharing this. I do the same, just with candle sticks, I also applying multiple positions if trade goes to preferred position.

  12. Lydia D. Robinson

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  13. Phhhh… better to go in a casino and play the double red game. The only hedging that makes money is to trim a hedge for a tenner.

  14. christella gate

    Hey Guy's it's easier said than done .. what most of these videos secretly offers are just hyped trading. I will still stick to Mr Wayne who's strategy has been proven.

  15. herbert hsu hung chong

    He is talking a complete nonsense . I purchase an account from him for over 3,000/- and leave it to him to trade with his multi hedging system but my account 13,000/- slip into 300/- in a matter of minutes. I want to sue him if I can

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  18. Minnie Fishburn

    I am sure the profit maximizer is best than The other Binary option

  19. It is nice but Profit Maximizer awesome and best

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  21. Theodore Hall

    Guys Don't trust any app without known. I find out an app which help you to get success your Online trade.

  22. Sundeep Bilkhu

    To be honest, there is some techniques trend techniques you can adopt and to your exisitng system.  I wouldnt follow him to the letter through.

  23. davidamosphotography

    Bare with me….. the swiss just had a huge dump a while a ago, a lot of people LOST their accounts.
    Use STOP LOSSES people. It's like jumping off a cliff with a net, HOPING that there is a tree on the way down. :0(
    I HATE bullshit videos like this where people get steered in the WRONG direction.

  24. Gustavo Polillo Corrêa

    heiken ashi 3,2 works fine with OBV and RSI-14, with 45 and 55 level and sma-50. The strategy of the video makes sense, its profitable.

  25. For this strategy you have to put many orders at specific pricelevels in worst case
    and when the market is volatile and the order is taken at a worse price as calculated. You must have a guarantee that the desired price is accepted at any time. No broker would do that. The trader has full risk and the broker is winning all the time.

  26. i don't believe in Good Samaritians traders. What this guy is getting out of sharing his system for free? He told you: he wants you to apply this theory and tell all you know to apply this theory. Why? Because the more people apply it – the better it works. And then he will just take all your dumb money by taking the profits one step ahead of you.

  27. Olivier Nomblot

    just love this video! Watch it a few times a year

  28. The Snooker Gym

    LIAR: 'I have never lost on a trade in years'
    TOTALLY IGNORANT: 'Never use a stop loss'

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