Millionaire Forex Trader Shares Secret Strategy For First Time!! 804 305 1975

Millionaire Forex Trader Shares Secret Strategy For First Time!! 804 305 1975


  1. I wouldn’t have said this if I hadn’t experienced it myself but because I’ve used it, I can call this == > the best auto trading software in the market because it got more than I expected from this app.

  2. lost me when he said he hasnt had a losing trade in years. impossible. no one is always right

  3. Good System

  4. Tis'ur"Master'"

    cramer? lol

  5. A new paradigm!!… lol. haha….He has good trading points otherwise though

  6. All Reviews on YT

    #Ronnie Tsoe 59 people are smart enough not to fall for this stuff… @Anson Grehams

  7. Price Action Trader

    No need for complications. Just trade momentum price action using a strategy something like pipdaq setups and you'll be good. Having said that trading isn't one-size-fits all so though some strats work for some people they don't fit the psychology of others.

  8. 59 people are smart enough not to fall for this stuff…

  9. This guy is like the worst video I have seen online about forex trading…basically he wants you to stop listening to any other person, ignore all key market indicators, don't learn to trade but buy his software and don't even bother setting it up once is enough…this guy is nutz!!


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  11. After reading the disclaimer, whats the point of all this?

  12. thanks for the information man I actually thought this guy might be decent until I just read what you put up about him he is a total fucking fraud. I want to start getting into the Forex does anybody know an honest person that teaches it

  13. Hello Guys I was given a strategy by Mr vladislav few days ago and It has proved so profiting so far however I have been been testing this strategy for just 3 days though I have made over $6,000 more testing is required before I can classify it a "CLASS A " strategy .. I will keep you updated

  14. just a shitty video , not a scret but a loser strategy

  15. guys learn to trade properly and stop listening to these kind of advice. The key is to put your stoploss in the right place not not put a stop loss at all.

  16. worapot Langawiket

    สอนเทรดฟอเรคฟรีด้วยระบบ trading system ควบคู่กับ Ai Robot!! สนใจ LineID: voippp หรือโทร. 089-1769303

  17. This guy is full of shit! Sorry for those in attendance, hope you learned quickly he's a scam.

  18. Agbede Ekpokimi

    what type of trader is this. so if market go against, you will just sit there and let it take all your money. ahahaaaa. he needs TO study well again. anyone that takes this man's advice is the best friend of the market because the market is more than HAPPY to collect all your money if you dont have a stop loss. total rubbish and GABAGGE. aahaaahaaa!!! what type of misinformation is dat. so if you dont put stoploss, which MEANS you shouldnt also put take profit and let your winner turns to a loser. GOD!!!!

  19. Invented hedging strategy??? It's Martingale strategy you dumb fuck. And it was invented in 1930's.

  20. state lontani da questo pazzo scatenato millantatore il più lontano possibile long long away e nelle strane idee che vi potrebbe mettere in testa…. non è questo il sistema per guadagnare ma per bruciare un conto in pochi giorni motivo? basta guardare in grafici e provare questo metodo in demo che non funziona ciao

  21. Who wouldn’t like getting money when they aren’t even working for it all the time, right? This is exactly what this tool >>> is providing to thousands of clients, who are earning quite a lot of money through it.

  22. MAybe my next futures contract on the ES in a volatile market will have no stop loss – might also try out sleeping under the stars – just in case… :-)

  23. The strategy itself could be subjectively interpreted. BUT, the guy actually gives good advices and it is clear he's someone who stayed long time in markets and one thing I know for sure, is that nobody stays long time in markets: most of dumbs will lose everything and go around talking shits on other people's work.

  24. harold carmelotes

    totally BS.. this strategy is good if you have unlimited funds…. good pitch man and it is totally shit..

  25. Don't use a Stop Loss? Fantastic Advice. Better yet, Lay face down on top of a fish tank filled with piranhas with your balls hanging in the water, lets see how that works out. Look at what happened to USD/CHF back in January 2015. You would of gotten demolished without a stop and even then, the move was so violent, it blew right through many stops. With a stop, you would of at least had a chance of lessening the blow.

  26. How sketchy does that sound: "turn every trade into a winner." any trader knows to make money you need to win more than you loose, and have winners larger than losses. any trader knows that you will loose money that's just how trading works…

  27. was paying attention till he mentioned indicators

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