Million Dollar Traders (Full Series 1 of 3)

Million Dollar Traders (Full Series 1 of 3)

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Million Dollar Traders, Episode 1: “Make Me a Trader”

The contestants are introduced to the trading floor and begin to build their portfolios.

Million Dollar Traders is a three part series that aired on the BBC about hedge fund manager Lex Van Dam who tries to teach ordinary people to become successful traders. The series is particularly interesting because none of the traders understand what they are doing, but they all trade as though they did and the results were terrifying, both financially and emotionally. Many great trading lessons here.

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  1. I really wish there was a video of the lessons that were taught

  2. Youtube Analysis

    Being a full-time trader, I reckon mike would make the best trader. This is because of his straight forward attitude lol

  3. Almost stressful watching how Simon acts on the floor

  4. They should have read the books by Al Brooks!!


    good video

  6. I would kill to do this.

  7. The two guys in charge of this are clearly sociopaths.

  8. how are these people trading with line charts LOL

  9. these noobs r losing cash and laughing on it?? wtf is wrong with them???

  10. why would you not use candlestick charts?
    those line charts give zero information

  11. Good job Cleo has that 300 year old family money to fall back on. Utterly useless and should be grateful she doesn't have to start with nothing.

  12. So hot lex!! wanting more…

  13. 55mins Sam classic crowd behaviour. They are all wrong therefore it is "OK". Total weak bullshit herd mentality.

  14. be your own independent trader dont need a jerk boss

  15. FoodLiquorCool

    thanks for posting this!

  16. Shit for brains.. lol.

  17. I will love to be a trader one day

  18. Roberto Garcia

    Hey can anyone tell me why the CCI is different for every time frame on the same pair. Ie: 1 minute, 5 minute, 15 minute etc on EUR/USD. They are all different some time frames point to over sold while others point to the medium and others point to overbought.

  19. Anyone who wouldnt commit to this opportunity is an idiot. Youd rather slave your whole life to a boss than take 2 months to learn something that could make you rich? lol

  20. Simon is bloody awful 😀 😀 😀

  21. Simon is the worst lmao

  22. The Scally Trader

    Plenty of Scousers in this programme. Always good to see.

  23. Typical British BS, the Negro is NEVER featured, except briefly to show that he's wearing glasses, ergo a genius, and then, without fanfare, the Negro is the only one that makes money. BS.

  24. Alexander Cummins

    Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) from the Walking Dead is the Narrator

  25. 2:17
    iz dot a fukhin scouser

  26. Are you kidding, you call these traders. An emotional woman and an old guy hitting the wrong button. I feel like a master trader after seen these "professionals".

  27. a good trader doesn't stress out!!!

  28. Any millionaire willing to lend me money, so i can trade ??! ?

  29. this coment section is cancer

  30. this is why most of the trader are emotionless psycho and sociopath

  31. I have a better chance to become a winner than maybe all of them and i don't have a degree. the mind of a pro poker player already has a massive edge vs the field. We don't care about result oriented mindset, and know how to stick to game plans and think outside the box to come up with creative game pans.

  32. unenslaved2012

    They make more money that one person ever needs! so wtf! pathetic life of excess!

  33. If the airways stock kept going down why would she not buy more shares because she only bought a small amount of them.

  34. terrence mbanya

    i'm new to this, i want to be a trader

  35. BulletProofKiD

    'if this happens .. the US is over for a generation' SPOT ON SON !!!

  36. This guy is trying to recreate the Turtle experiment done by Richard Dennis

  37. Index trading is cheaper and easier if you must

  38. This is not the way to trade by calling brokers, you should have a live platform placing the orders by a click of the mouse. Many platforms are available like halifax share dealing online. TRUST ME I'VE TRADED ON AND OFF OVER 20 YEARS AND HAD MANY SLEEPLESS NIGHTS AND RESTLESS HOLIDAYS ONLY TO MAKE AN AVERAGE 5 PERCENT. ITS NOT WORTH THE AGRO.

  39. SvenStock Picks

    Most of the time they short sold when they should have bought and bought when they should have short sold

  40. what is the rationale behind hedging against the morning short positions? wouldn't that just be betting on both sides? and wouldn't it just reduce your potential profit? can someone please explain this?

  41. can someone please explain that hedging strategy at 37:31? if it went in the intended direction he would benefit from both so how is that hedging? irrespective of the actual outcome, how did the shorting of the other bank cover his long position?

  42. Gain From Trading

    I loved this series. Proved to me that trading is not easy. Have followed a lot of Anton's ideas and he knows his stuff

  43. Man. .I love it thanks guys for making me laugh. I look at a the stupid stuff I have done.. and watch this show… I really look back at my self. .. thanks great job… that guy just shit him self. .. so fucking funny but real

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