Mastering Trading Forex Reversals Strategy

Mastering Trading Forex Reversals Strategy

In this video Navin is going to share with you how to identify and trade reversals in Forex.

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  1. SuPPORT Narendra Modi

    You fool why making people fool… U never use indicator asshole… it confirms a lot thing…

  2. shubham gupta

    I have just saw your two video they have changed the way i look chart now!!
    learning in such a simple way !!
    Thanks Navin.!!
    how can i attend a live webinar?

  3. Jorge Ismael Velez

    congratulations….great teacher, great instructor…. you explain us in a very easy way to understand…..

  4. Private msg me please I need this to be successful

  5. John Caminero

    Thank You…

  6. This video is really helpful!

  7. David Rodriguez

    It's funny because after watching your videos it feels like I have a cheat code now. I win most of my trades

  8. Great video man, I always learn so much from you??

  9. Mohamed Yedri

    Hello , I would really thank you for your great explanation , I just had a question about The "Test " Can it be done on a 1H chart ?

  10. Barrie Strong

    Just place the 8 ema and 20 ema on your charts and wait for the crossover. You can see the strategy for yourself…very very simple.

  11. best selection

    Simply Mind blowing Sir! Just 1 question,what you have taught in video above, does the same method apply to channel trading?

  12. Another great webinar. Your the best Navin 🙂

  13. So good. Keep it up man, your stuff is phenomenal

  14. rahaha rivera

    how come you not have million views .. I wacht many many video from others guys  nooo ones make senses like yours….good job

  15. Not "aha" moment. This is "wtf" moment. Lol. Excellent Navin.

  16. 250 for MPA and wher do i learn it from?webanar?

  17. hovsep gurunian

    Really appreciate you you are giving it from your heart //// After researching lot of videos and having bad experience in the pats i was almost trying to quit But now after i seen this video i think after period of time i'm coming beck to trade thanks a lot for this techniques that you are sharing with us please keep coming with the good strategies thanks again

  18. Yes, i need my bed made.

  19. Somebody deleted my comment. lol. I was saying it as it is and sorry dude if i did anything wrong.

  20. Nazariy Yasinskiy

    Im a stock day trader. How effective is this strategy on smaller time frames, say 1min and 5min? Thanks.

  21. timothy nieves

    Navín I see every webinar and you're mentorship is great I wish I could add you to Facebook but I can't Add you you're blocke from friend request love to had you as a friend thanks to you my forex game is sky rocketing

  22. Rafael Ramirez

    Mr. Ravin is this only for forex or can it be used for day trade and/or swing trading?

  23. Awesome Navin, thanks.

  24. Shantlingayya Hiremath

    its really really interesting lesson sir.

  25. may t he Lord continue to bless you more my brother you really doing a great work out there , does the mastering price action come in a form of a dvd package or its a webinar ?

  26. Mr. Navin, damn you really2 help my day trading… Just join the MPA course this week.. Even on the first week material of MPA course it really2 blown my mind.. I realy2 miss the most basic thing..!!! What I seek in this two year of my trading career is pure strategy, strategy, and strategy again.. From renko charts, MACD strategy, Stochastic, etc, etc…. Thank you very much..!!! I really2 look forward for the next week of MPA course material.. Cheers..^^

  27. thats bro

  28. Yogesh Panwar

    after long time see video wating for new video thanks 4 video sir

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