Learn Forex Trading from a PROFESSIONAL FOREX TRADER

Learn Forex Trading from a PROFESSIONAL FOREX TRADER

In this interview I give advice on what I feel holds a lot of people back from becoming profitable forex traders. Please contact me if you have any questions.

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  1. HI
    how can i have a trading plan thanks

  2. A great video for beginners, thank you!

  3. shawn churchill

    How exactly do I get in touch with you?

  4. Hi, I wanted to ask you if it's important to look at the chart into history or just know the current price. Thank you

  5. Are you still doing the signal service

  6. Mr. Samuel, what broker do you use? if you don't want to reveal your broker which one you suggest?

  7. Rahmat Sutiyono

    shit,time is will 3 short

  8. Charles Tomberlin

    I wish i could pay you to remote login to my computer and answer show me some things. Is that possible?

  9. Dimitrios Desmos

    People have to realise that they cannot just quit their job and take up trading and be profitable….its like, quiting your job to become a neurosurgeon or a chaotics mathematician….LOL

    5-7 years of hard hard work.

  10. TheComposer1979

    It all about live videos it think but good job

  11. Wow, great vid! You seem so genuine, it's very inspiring. Suscribed!

  12. what is the best company for trading?

  13. bradford warren

    to new traders! get a mentor to cut that learning curve short

  14. Nice video, thank your the advices

  15. Great advice.. thank you! ☝

  16. solid advice. spot on.

  17. Thanks for three wonderful advice.

  18. Akhtar Hassan Girey

    how can I learn forex trading where can i learn
    someone please suggest

  19. I will study charts, I find it fascinating.

  20. I'm happy to watch your vedio.


    Real deal. Right words right context. Well done Sam good stuff.

  22. I am looking for a trading platform, I have watched your review on Plus500, but also watched one saying it is a scam.
    Is this platform for real?
    Also, this video lasts for 10 mins, how come your wall clocks don't move?

  23. Hi Samuel its quite inspire your thoughts about forex trading like i say never giver up. Im a new starter will you give the regulated FCA Trader.

  24. Hi Samuel could you please let me some good brokers thanks

  25. Mikael Forsberg

    hey checked out your website, I'm a bit curious why you have not uploaded any results for 2016? best of luck!

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