Joshua Martinez Reveals his London Breakout Strategy For Trading Forex

Joshua Martinez Reveals his London Breakout Strategy For Trading Forex

Joshua Martinez, of MTI, reveals his London Breakout Strategy and how he has traded the Forex market with great accuracy and success using it. He shares the entry and exit parameters and much more.


  1. hi Josh! Many thanks on all of our behalf for the inspiring and ease of approaching the mechanics of the financial markets. Just been thinking after having watched this video, and been wondering on a good question: what happened if you actually used a buy trigger instead of the stop loss at the initial fail, and eventually, by the time your indication line is reached, you already would be into the first half. I'm a beginner, and am just freshly browsing through alternatives and new views. Thanks again and if you have a momentum of the day to add to this question, it will make my and many others' days! have a good trade. Lev.


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  4. Michelle Edwards

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  7. Is this guy funny or what?!? I have a great strategy too.
    Go to the casino, play roulette and place your bed at red every time at 3 AM ET. But only if it's very windy outside.

  8. God Bless you Joshua.

  9. This works did it the last 3 days. 400 pips.

  10. Thank you for taking the time to make this video! With so much spam out there it's a breath of fresh air finding someone willing to share their experience and great information.

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  15. nice one Josh

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  23. Bla Bla Bla, this guy has not given any answers so far . So don't trust this system, it's too simple. Besides that risk reward is only 1:1. That doesn't make you money at all

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