Hello everyone this is an introductory video for those of you who wants to know how Forex works. this is just a bird’s eye view of how FOREX trading is done. Please email me at in case you want to join the forex market under the platform I am in. Sorry this video is still yet to be translated into the English language, but please feel free to contact me through this email: dinnaloupiedad[at] and give me your contact details (contact number and email) and I will personally attend to your questions.

If you want to join our platform feel free to email me leave your contact details and I will have my personal coach contact you in the next 24 hours! 🙂

Wishing everyone Happy Trading! 🙂



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  3. how to join forex?

  4. papaano po ang taxation sa forex dito sa bansa?

  5. Hi, tanung ko lang, paano malalaman or merun ba site kung saan pwede natin makita ang pagtaas at pagbaba ng currency na gusto natin i-trade? Salamat. newbie here.

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  15. Robert Pinarijo

    hello po mam pdy po ba ako mag pa guide kasi gusto kong matoto po mag trade at sa forex.

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    pede pa join at paturo narin kung paano ito gawin….

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  19. mam,pa help naman po kung pano po mag trading,matagal kona po kc gusto matutunan kung pano po kumita sa pag trading,kaso wala po ako makita na magtuturo po sakin mam,pls,

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  22. Paturo po sa FOREX

  23. Im a professional trader
    i would not recommend trading in ph
    simply slow internet connection not good for scalper trader or short time trader
    Warning trading is not a easy money making industry it takes alot of time effort and knowledge
    if you looking this industry as a quick money making then this is not for you.

  24. lance allen reyes

    Thank you po sa information. nsagot po ang tanong ko gamit ang video mo

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