How To Trade With Stochastic In Forex

How To Trade With Stochastic In Forex

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  5. what settings do you use to make the Bollinger bands do the same as the MA bands he had. I do not have MA bands on my platform

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  8. where to download ma band please!!

  9. I can't find ma band on MT5.

  10. for newbies that good for build common sense to charting. over longer periods we develop when feeling how entry or exit point.

  11. how to set buy and sell stochastic at the end of the video

  12. thank you very much

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  14. It seeme like a good strategy for a trending market.
    The problem, however is that the markets are ranging (not trending) 80% of the time.

  15. I cant understand for what trading potency does stoch have? And I cant understand how I can use it in real trading if it has be lating for all the time. It actes aposteriori when the price have had gone out far away from the point of our entrance. Can you explain me it? Thank you.

  16. does Freestockcharts have tradingit – ma band indicator and what is it listed as  anyone is welcome to reply if they know the answer thank you

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    Indicator Price Channel Free:

  19. ow…very costly ….explain very simplicity……thanks

  20. Where can you find the MA Moving indicator that u see in video

  21. Kongpope Poomphuen


  22. can I now how to get the trading it stoch indicator?

  23. Envelopes?

  24. Mohammad Ayub Ali

    One of the best presentation about Stochastic indicator in simple and easy way.
    Thanks for the creator and upload.

  25. Where can I get these 2 indicators in this video?

  26. Thank you for sharing the same. Great video.

  27. please tell me how to setup MA band like at 7:10 . many thanks

  28. Forex Signals by Intelligent Forex Trading

    Good explanation of the stochastic indicator. I am generally not a fan of indicators but the stochastic can be useful if it is used correctly. I primarily follow price action which is the best way to predict future price movement. If you want to learn my strategy and follow the trades I take, please visit my channel

  29. I liked what happened at 30 sec, but can you see the same thing in mine?

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