How to Trade Forex | Simple Forex Trading Strategy for Beginners and Pro’s

How to Trade Forex | Simple Forex Trading Strategy for Beginners and Pro’s

This is a simple 101 guideon how to trade forex and a guide for beginners. – Learn how to trade forex for free – Sign Up Here!

In this video I show you an example on the NZD/JPY currency pair on how to use support and resistance off of the daily charts, how to find a solid entry point into your trade and how to pull out profits and move your stop loss to lock in profits for long-term trending forex trade opportunities.


  1. Hi very informative video, thanks for sharing. My question would be does it work with H1 timeframe? Thank you in advance.

  2. what platform do you use in this video?…..i like the fact that the candles are close to one another whereas om mt4, you could drive a bus between them…..

  3. This is all very well after the event. I am sure any of us who trade the Forex markets could do exactly the same. Unfortunately, the FX markets do not beat to ANY particular rhythm!

  4. I am an experienced trader, and I really appreciate these videos. However, even those who watch the video still need discipline. Most traders do not have it, and may never have it.  Thank you! 

  5. where can I download the demo account?

  6. pierluigi sonsini

    My friend, you can tell this to a lot of people and they will probably believe you, but I have an extensive experience in busting this market, and I've teamed up with mathematicians and statisticians, we've broken it all down and the result was quite simple: it's statistically impossible to make money on a regular basis. You can have a few winner strikes, but in the long term this market will always wipe you out. 5 % of winners? Yes, the banks and your broker, I believe! :-)

  7. tradeadvisorpro

    The platform you will use will be from your broker. I would tell them you want MetaTrader 4.And yes, very smart to start trading on a demo account first.

  8. tradeadvisorpro

    Look forward to helping you Alejandro :-)

  9. tradeadvisorpro

    In this video I am using Fibonacci Trader SRV charts but I now use Intellichart Desktop charts.

  10. tradeadvisorpro

    You are highly mistaken my friend. 95% of traders make nothing while the rest of us to have learned to remove the "gambling bug" as succeeding. Good luck :-)

  11. pierluigi sonsini

    How about keeping your money or using it to buy something that you will actually use, instead of throwing it out of the window by following a delusional dream?
    Nobody makes money by trading the Forex market, and the people who post these kind of videos know it very well. Only your broker makes money and it does it off of yours

  12. Hi. What software are you using to create all these lines? Thanks. :)

  13. I only have a 30 day trial period on the site so after that i am going to invest capital, but i dont have nowhere near 50k im gonna have to start small and work my way up i suppose… My only issue is patience really i see your methods make sense i had a mindset where i would just want to day trade stay on the computer in one day and make profits etc…. but being patient looks like it pays off and following the right guidelines. 

  14. nice video guys, i signed up for a webinar coming up on thursday and i have been watching your videos. I have paper traded over the last two weeks on and at 1st it went well but then not so much haha biggest loss was about 300 dollars so not a big deal but still… I have watched your videos and i can't wait to test your methods out for myself.

  15. Hey, im looking to trade a "dummy account" to test the waters (as it were). What platform would you recommend that is free? I do not currently wish to trade with my own capital but i may invest in the future, 

  16. tradeadvisorpro


  17. tradeadvisorpro

    Good parents? My wife? haha..thanks

  18. tradeadvisorpro

    More coming today

  19. tradeadvisorpro

    50 new forex training videos coming over the next few weeks showing you how to trade forex

  20. tradeadvisorpro

    Thanks so much

  21. tradeadvisorpro

    Welcome. Let us know if you have any questions at all

  22. tradeadvisorpro

    We have many more coming out over the next few weeks to teach you how to trade forex. Be sure to watch them.

  23. tradeadvisorpro


  24. tradeadvisorpro

    Cool..I love teaching people how to trade forex…Love getting comments like this when the light bulb goes on for someone. :-)

  25. i love it 

  26. That was a pretty sick vid 🙂 I subbed!!!!! 

  27. Thắng Lê Hữu

    i will show it to all of my friends!great vid 

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  30. Im subscribing. 

  31. Hey i just want to say that i love your videos. i sub to you, i comment, i view all your videos and all, thank you. 

  32. Anthony Hinojosa

    Nice! I cant wait for some more 

  33. it work ^^ 

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  35. wow i cant? wait for ur next video 

  36. Thanks helped me a lot, keep it up! 

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