Forex Trading Tutorial: Costly Mistakes in Trend Trading

Forex Trading Tutorial: Costly Mistakes in Trend Trading

A Forex trading tutorial proving how many traders are taught trend trading incorrectly. Get my Free Market Entry Timing Indicator:

Trend trading on Forex, stocks, futures and e-minis is such a basic concept that everything thinks they know how to trade it. Unfortunately, even such a basic concept is often taught incorrectly. This Forex trading tutorial shows you the “devil in the details” of trend trading so you can trade it more accurately.

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Barry Burns
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  1. HorizonScanner

    Dr. Burns synthesizes a variety of factors, each of which he knows expertly, to provide a reading of chart movement that is so commonsensical, so obvious that I believe I knew it already. But, really, he figured it out for me and then I learned it from him.

  2. I'm building a small trading club. If you're good at math and between 20 and 29, send me a message through youtube.

  3. Guntars Plūme

    Thank You Barrry!

    Could You teach Japanese candlestick patterns please?
    How to understand their meaning in day trading?

    It would be great to know more about short selling in 5 min using exact Japanese candlesstick patterns for potential trend reversal.

  4. divinenutrition

    Hoffman inventory retracement bar! Used along w high volume exhaustion

  5. Mike Crockford

    Ben following you for years mate always good listening, Big Cheers

  6. please email me the 'rubber band trade strategy". I'm at Grazie!

  7. Kayode Karunwi

    an eye opener it is!

  8. its marvelous to see you on youtube Barry Sir.. keep on posting so that we people get good knowledge .. Thanks again

  9. Pawel Michalowski

    another great refresher on market psychology! Thanks again Barry! 😉

  10. I use hh/ hl in conjunction with slope of moving averages…they complement each other, but you are so right about reading the candle patterns bar by bar..

  11. Naumche Janevski

    By one candle u determined that it will make a higher high ,i call this only video material,not a trading one.

  12. Bhupendra Ghanghoriya

    At the end it got quick a nice up momentum, is it because of "Morning Star Pattern"?

  13. thank you providing easy to understand explanations ! I'm now a subscriber

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