Forex Trading Systems: Best Forex Robot and Software Programs Reviewed

Forex Trading Systems: Best Forex Robot and Software Programs Reviewed Forex trading systems and selling them are big business online but very few work. This video discusses the myths, that Forex robot and Forex expert advisor vendors promote and why beginners fall for the myth of the best Forex automated trading system.

The tutorial also looks at the reality of how much money you can make with the best automated Forex trading systems, how to find the best mechanical programs work and why any automated Forex trading program will face long periods of losses – sure the trading signals can make money longer term but the reality of trading a mechanical system is being patient through periods of drawdown or losses.

Consider this – if you had a currency trading system which could really make the gains most vendors claim ie above 100% per annum, with most trading signals making money and drawdown being below 10% the system would not be sold why? Because any system that could even make 30% per annum would be bought by banks or money mangement companies for billions of dollars not just a few hundred. Dont fall for scams – if you want to get trading systems that make money you can but the key is to accept losses and drawdown in the short term and focus on the longer term.

If you are a beginner or just want a guide on the best trading strategies and systems to use for profit, this video is a good introduction to Forex robots, expert advisors and automated currency trading programs. Can you win? Yes but the best Forex trading systems are not the ones sold by vendors – you can devise your own or get free programs that can lead you to success.

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