Forex Trading Strategy using EMA & PARABOLIC SAR Indicator by

Forex Trading Strategy using EMA & PARABOLIC SAR Indicator by

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  1. so with this strategy you can't set a take profit?You have to monitor the trade till you get an exit confirmation then take profit?

  2. Thank You Ed – you've explained it very clearly ..Now I know how to use SAR & EMAs..

  3. Can we apply on commodity.

  4. Hi can i use the same Settings for Timeframe H4 and D1 ? Nice Video thumbs up for it!

  5. Nicholas Thomas

    thanks for the quick response Ed. apologies I re-watched and applied this to some charts, and it all became less foggy!

  6. Nicholas Thomas

    the methodology is fine but how do you manage the whipsaws that occur when price isn't trending?

  7. I tested this method on my demo account and it worked for me on H1 7 out of 11 times. Setting take profit and stop loss in 3:2 ratio. Overal it was good profit. Thanks a lot. I will try it with real money soon.

  8. Fred Gonçalves

    I'm using the SAR, but I needed an input signal, I put the two EMAs and it's working in the 5-min timeframe. thank you

  9. Great lesson

  10. Pradeep Kumar Panigrahi

    Sir , Is it not possible to trade with 15 minutes candel?

  11. what time frame u use?

  12. Perfectly Explained. Very Helpful Where Can I See The Next Video

  13. Excellent video. Thanks!

  14. Alfredo Almeida

    Hello Ed. I can't understand how you enter the trade. On minute 10.43 you enter at 1.3749, but at that number it seems the candle is not close yet. Do you go to 30min or 15 min chart to see it?

  15. Very helpful.
    I like your videos.
    Easy to follow.

  16. Great strategy thank you so much for sharing

  17. Very well presented Video , Thank you for sharing .
    This is what I was searching for .

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