Forex Trading Strategies & tips

Forex Trading Strategies & tips


Forex Trading Strategies & tips

Venturing into the world of currency trading without the proper education is like attempting to drive a very fast sports car when you haven’t taken your first driving lesson. The odds are against you succeeding. Avoid taking advice from any one person with no success proof or any news channel, eventually you and only you are responsible for the profits or losses in your trading account.

Back-test your strategy or any forex training you get. when trading forex or binary options do not be greedy. in this video once again I am giving you some powerful tips and proof that the M & W Setups are the most powerful setups you will find in the market. no need to buy any forex box you are smarted than a robot. forex is a risky business but if you listen to what I am saying you too can become a full time trader.


  1. What song is this, u use it in several vids its rly nice ;D

  2. what's up leo my name amp from Fort Lauderdale I been taking your course for about a month now. And big brotha I got to say you have life changing methods I haven't made a fb page yet for the group but I will soon but long story short I think you gave me a better route big brotha from the life I was living so again Thank you
    pip family forever!!!

  3. Russell Goodwin

    Thank you Leo!!!!

  4. Leo, I'm throwing out an early thanks on your advice, I plan on diving in deeper once I recover from my screw up. I jumped into the trading game way too early and with very little practice time, my very first half day of trading had me up $100+ in profit, but I got greedy. Not only was I greedy, I was banking on pure emotion and quick turnarounds, which never surfaced. So after going up $100+ I ended up losing it all, essentially having lost about $400 by end of day, I almost deleted the app from my phone and bowed out, but I'm stubborn. After watching your videos and learning your basics, I jumped back into demo mode to run some experiments, in just three highly conservative trades, I would've netted $164. Those three trades were literally a love child of your strategy and my fear, knowing that the pattern is there, but I'll still need more time and practice before re-entering the live game. I look forward to more videos, and after I've recovered from my faux pas, hopefully join your group. Thanks.

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