Forex trading signals: make 500pips with this strategy

Forex trading signals: make 500pips with this strategy

Forex Day Trading Strategy that can make you a profitable trader. It has a setup of less stop loss and great Profits. Believe me traders if you follow this strategy with the predefined rules for entering and exiting the trades then you can be a profitable trader. It will give you the best results. It is based on support and resistance, trend lines hourly time frame and daily time frame. It is proved to be one of the high profitable trading setup for me. Apply it on your Demo account and then give it a try.
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  1. Hi Aftab, after Urban closed his chat, Damir, i and some others opened a new chat room at If you send me your email (pm or so), i can send you an invite, if you like. regards, Patrik

  2. abhinandha sajayan Vasudevan

    hai Aftab.  Sanjay here ….. nice strategy. very good, let me also try these kind of set up in future. as u have mentioned while our chat. u normally trade on 0.1 lots right, even I do the same, because my account is only $500. my doubt is that, if you have 1pip=0.5 dollar, then 140 pips will be ur $70, is that a decent SL in daily frame. also my 1pip=0.1$ if I tale 0.1 lot size , but with 0.01 lot size pip value is 0.01, is pip value varies depends on the lot size. ?

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