FOREX TRADING – Here’s How This Trader Became Successful

FOREX TRADING – Here’s How This Trader Became Successful

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I have something very special for you. Aside from the normal awesomeness of me walking you trough a few trades that are on my radar. This week I wanted to share with you a letter from one of my training course members sharing his story on the struggles that he’s faced in learning to trade and what actions he took in order to turn himself into a successful trader.

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Akil’s Interview with the “Two Blokes Trading Podcast”

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  1. Giggity, I trade the daily and got on this yesterday because of a pivot on a RSI div, let's get it!

  2. Strategic Endeavors FX

    nice video.. thanks for sharing it.

  3. Chad Williams

    Thanks so much for this video and sharing Kevins letter Akil. @ kevin C. It sounds like you and I are trading twins LOL!!! I did the exact same things that you did and feel the exact same way. Most aspiring traders massively under estimate the work, focus, energy,discipline and time that it takes to be a successful trader. Submerge yourself as much as possible into a healthy rules based environment. learn and practice those rules until they are automatic responses to the market. Be a active part of a strong and supportive trading community and NEVER…NEVER, EVER disconnect from any of these things for any prolonged amount of time.

  4. Hey traders, have you ever heard or come across Mr williams strategy, with Mr williams strategy you can be earning thousands of money on trading.

  5. Hi I'm new to trading like very new I know absolutely nothing about trading but I am very interested in forex trading. I watch a few videos and read a few things online, but I want to really learn how to trade. Do you have a beginners class for someone who's never traded before, or can you point me in the direction of such a coarse or a book/books I can read?

  6. eddyvideostar

    Akil: Nice video along with your pleasant, comfortable voice and being well spoken in the U. S. style. But, trading is a game of chance and this is all it is. Sometimes one may increase the odds in his favor, but many of the systems are left wanting for any solid, and tangible positive outcomes as nothing is guaranteed. Hard work is great in the proper situations for certain objectives, but one does not want to pursue industriousness continuously on a treadmill, one would aspire to build and sell treadmills.

    Every tutor or mentor should always guide the customer, oops — student to the disclaimer. Why do we have this, because it is necessary because the markets can slap one hard? Yes, we utilize stops in trading, but how many times can a trade hit its stop? Many times. Again there is no solid outcome. A stop here, a stop there, one percent here and one percent there can add up, minus one's resources subsequently erasing the coruscant stars which were insatiably illuminating in his eyes.

  7. USDCAD showing a reversal pattern A but still Remain patient people lol

  8. Cedric Lekish

    Hello Mr Akil. I will love to commend the good work you do. Kevin's message is just a sign to show that you actually are helpful to a lot of people all over the globe.
    I am a Cameroonian who only until two weeks ago just heard about something called the Forex Market. I decided to learn more about it, so i started googling things. I was fortunate to find lots of information on this topic. Sadly tho, i was overwhelmed by this massive pool of information which left me asking myself "what am i really looking for".
    I am a university student and will like to become a profitable Forex trader.
    Fortunately i stumbled upon the Trade empowered website and i must say it is the most helpful resource i have been able to find this far.
    My question goes thus, as a complete newbie who just discovered about trading only like yesterday, please
    -What should be my goals and how should i set them.
    -What path will you recommend i go through, like where should i start out from
    -What (tools) should I be investing in.

    I was fortunate to watch "Into the grey" from the trade empowered website. It was a good introduction, although at around the 46th minute, I could barely follow up most of the concepts Jason discussed, largely due to the terminology Jason frequently used.

    Please i will truly appreciate if after reading this comment you can provide a response on what you can to the questions I raised. I am really very new to this and I am struggling to find my way around the world of Forex. Hopefully your help can be vital to me finding success as I embark on this journey.

    Thanks in advance sir.

  9. Steven JaggermanJanson

    Hey, loving your content and been watching it since quite a while and i would really like to purchase the money management spreedsheat. is there a way outside of buying the ultimate trader course? Im currently a student so im not really in the position to purchase the entire course ^^
    Greetings from Germany!

  10. artwell hlengwa

    You are the man! I wanna be like you when I "grow up"

  11. Solomon Spydro

    Kevin's story was class, great to hear about the grind

  12. wissam physics

    Nice one akil , but i got something to say about kevin i think that he felt in the same category of shoulda woulda coulda…
    if he work hard twice as he was doing now he would doing better , and we all know that because the solution is always there but few people implementing it . So i see for me trading is about looking in the mirror and fighting against yourself, so if you don't know yourself well you don't know what's work for you and what's not it's became very hard to find your edge , so well done kevin your are on right track and i wish to you the best .

  13. Clemens Voghera

    thx for a good video Akil – enjoyed it

  14. Scalper Taichi

    😉 Cool !

  15. Timothy Pittard

    Amazing video Akil. I've been recommending you guys to fellow traders. They love your stuff!

  16. making donations to the market loool.

  17. Great Vid!
    Good to hear the little man adding some info 🙂
    On your point of being wrong with confidence, the military teaches that to an extent also (for promotion boards).
    They also teach KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) which is the best thing I learnt from those days.
    Keep up the good work!

  18. Hi Akil Stokes, I'm new to your channel. I want to know which platform are you using and I can learn to use the platform. i'm a novice.

  19. Vitali Müller

    Hello my Trading Friends, I have written a book about Money Management for Forex Trading and how to apply Kelly Criterion. You can download this book for free.

  20. the daily dose is here >> 🙂

  21. was waiting for your upload

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