Forex Trading For Beginners: the BEST Support & Resistance Levels

Forex Trading For Beginners: the BEST Support & Resistance Levels

Forex Trading for Beginners: The Best Support/Resistance Levels to buy, sell and take profits.

Sometimes the most simple Forex techniques are still the best. Here’s one of the first technical analysis techniques I learned that still works great today. In fact I won’t trade without it.

This works equally well for the stock market and futures a E-minis.

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  1. Thanks.

  2. only trader on YouTube who actually explains why the market does what it does. just recently found you, going to go through all of your videos in the coming weeks keep up the good work

  3. Justinas Rakauskas

    well, it is easy(i would say) to see support and resistance levels in the past and draw lines 🙂 but how to find out when trend turns and when does it go through the s/r line? 😉

    BTW your videos are brilliant

  4. Hi Barry,

    I am a more " advanced (profitable ) trader". I can only say that, thanks to your lessons, i have laerned some more of the basics for TA trading. I love to see your video's and can confirm that they work.. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  5. Great analysis Barry, it makes a lot of sense in your video. Looking forward to more analysis like this. Thanks!

  6. very nice… its really helpful information… thanks

  7. Dr. "Top Dog" Burns , my gratitude for being so generous with your immense knowledge! Finally someone who uses logic and reason to explain the behavior of the markets. Muchas Gracias Sir!

  8. Hi Barry. Can you please share the free Cycle Indicator to my email id

  9. Great explanation

  10. As always,you are awesome.

  11. Barry, great video. Do you use supply and demand levels and can you do a video on the difference and how to identifie it

  12. Barry – you are my favorite analyst!

  13. Can you please do a video How to draw properly Support & Resistance Level on daily and intra-day chart

  14. good video

  15. Another great video Barry. Thanks for sharing this.

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