Forex Trading Basics: Forex Trading for Beginners – Part 1

Forex Trading Basics: Forex Trading for Beginners – Part 1 – Follow. Trade. Win.

In this recording of a live forex trading seminar in Singapore, professional forex trader, trainer, trading columnist and sought after market commentator Mario Singh teaches forex trading basics to a small group of aspiring currency trading beginners.

In part one of this two-part series Mario takes his students through the ABC’s of how the foreign exchange market operates, simple strategies for how to make money trading forex and most importantly how to develop the mindset of a winning trader based on his hard-won knowledge gained from real life experiences.

I hope you enjoy this presentation. Mario’s style is strong, direct and passionate (and he can be a little difficult to understand at times with his Singaporean accent) but he is not without a sense of humor.

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  1. I would like to see a 2 year forex track record of this guy! Unless he showed a verified track record i would never give him a single dollar for any training session.
    If you are new to forex, please NEVER pay for any training session or robot software. This is not how you will learn forex! Most of the so called forex gurus out there selling seminars and training are just loosers!

  2. i am opening a broker account this week in canadian currency i want to use forex to change it to USD
    i have no intention of changing it after i turn it into american dollars to trade stocks with.
    my broker will let me use forex.
    do i still need to care about buy and sell if i am leaving it in american dollars.
    i cant find an answer in any videos

  3. Dung David Dusu

    getting more interesting!!

  4. Madge G Holdings

    Love this guy, my style of teaching that doesn't make audience fall asleep. Great job! Audio quality could have been better though.

  5. Mario's technique is more on Long trading. Other traders will just go with the trend, but here he said the trend will go the opposite way. I think to trade in fx is more on watching how the market reacts to the news. Good news for the currency/futures will spike to a bullish graph, holidays and bad news will plunge it down.

  6. Singlish

  7. He charged his students $5,000 per person for this seminar – no wonder he is doing well!

  8. ok

  9. very informative and thank you for uploading

  10. his questions are very easy to answer…..he wont give away any real training …he's only making money advising ..

  11. I'm trying work my ears into making sense of the bad audio. Good content though

  12. I busted out laughing at 7:45 this guy is awesome

  13. Would really love to know what he's saying but bad audio and thick accent prevents me from doing so. Will have to check out other videos on the subject unfortunately.

  14. bad audio on recording

  15. Can't hear hardly a word he's saying!…….

  16. Link don't work.

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