Forex Trading: A VERY Good FOREX Trading Video So TAKE NOTES

Forex Trading: A VERY Good FOREX Trading Video So TAKE NOTES


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FOREX TRADING: 500+ pips in 4 days trading the FOREX Market.! This video looks at this MONSTER trading week & why you shouldn’t expect to do this consistently. Also a walkthrough using technical analysis on the USDJPY and BITCOIN looking at simple patterns.
2:55 – Trading The USDJPY
9:08 – Technical Analysis on Bitcoin
13:33 – A Trading Equity Curve

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Akil Stokes
Chief Currency Analysis at Trade Empowered
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  1. Very confused about pips. I know they are important but when doing my trading I don't really focus on them.

  2. Using filters and picking your trade is a great point. This is one of the keys to consistent success. Many traders fail because they get impatient and impulsive. Trading the right way is actually quite boring (but very profitable).


    You can see my transactions for 2.5 months.I will be glad comments

  4. Can you recommend any demo account trading platforms?

  5. hey, Akil, I know it's been a year since you shot this video, but I will like to watch your live sessions. perhaps you've already entertained the idea lol, please get back to me. That being said, i really appreciate your contents, they're awfully educational and intuitive. Thanks sooooo much!

  6. do you have a live chatroom ?
    usually with stocks, mentors have live voice/cam and screen sharing chatroom for live alerts
    do you have something like that ?
    i have yet to see one forex trader who does that

  7. mohamed amine Badji

    Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else is searching for forex trading make money try Loctavan Amazing Exchange Strategy (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my work buddy got amazing results with it.


  9. Onestopbrokers News

    EURUSD is now exposed to further drop towards the support levels of

  10. gamble

  11. Please anyone with a good strategy? am at the verge of quitting this Forex trading of a thing, i have lost about $89k within a short while, please i need some help, withdrawal also seems difficult

  12. i have questions

  13. can give some individual lesson? give my your gmail ??

  14. Penny Stock Wolf

    Forex is a suckers game, eventually them so-called guru's on etoro and myfxbook blow up their accounts

  15. How much is for the 12 weeks transformation training?

  16. show us a myfxbook account with your username or gtfo

  17. this whole thing is a product placement and you know it which would be ok but for the fact you are bating people into gambling whilst you get the fees for your training product, shock horror I hear people say

  18. dear akil I am trying to challenge you whilst being polite ofcouse. you and your types never explain why your training works, not how but why.

  19. Scumbags everywhere online , this minute they promise you the hold grail and they next minute they are after what you have in your pocket , you guys need to be careful here and seek information before investing , I have been burned severally before I finally met Mr Vladislav who gave me a system that actually works

  20. Knowing how to trade and knowing how to win are separate things. You are charging to teach people how to gamble in a certain way, and If you admit that, then fine!

  21. Are you saying this is not gambling in a random market

  22. Hello Sir
    My Salient point is that as events including natural disasters market fluctuations and much more of course, will affect the diversity of the graph movement, it would be illogical for anyone to claim they know, by how much, and how much in a particular direction it will travel before changing that direction. Surly the graph diversity, must be known if one is to claim he or she can bring the odds into their favour. What are you teaching as you waffle on about things that cannot put players on the same journey as the graph in a predictable manner over all.

  23. Histerical nonsense

  24. Channel 8 (Edvards Virsis)

    its easy to tell how to if use how it will go lol! i can draw somthing dumb and tell u that it made me think it will go up :D

  25. The Braxuss ,Brax

    bro… ive been a lil scared to jump into forex, been following for a few years but your video gave me the confidence to go for the shot. thx

  26. how much money do you actually make per week, the money does not lie show us !!!!!. your words are worthless without results. it took me months to get to 50 pips per day trading without loosing

  27. I still cant understand many things, maybe bcz my mother tongue isn't English..

  28. Secret? Buy low, sell high. That s it. %90 will loose.

  29. Francisco Tamashiro

    hahaha doing Technical analysis to your Equity curve? hahahaahahaha
    I'd love that… if I could actually trade your equity curve, I would just buy and hold to the end of the year 😀 easiest trade EVER!!!!!! :P

  30. John-Paul Giordano

    This is such a joke, anybody that knowes anything about trading especially forex sees much of a fraud this guy is. Forex is a scam if you are not direct. Fucking idiots?

  31. Hello I want to know what the United States , the global open forex trading platform

  32. Am new forex, actually just starting my research, but totally love this video. I love your analytical approach! Thanks.

  33. Keep up the good work Akil.
    Your style is a wonder and inviting message to any new traders looking to start.

    Much luck, fortune, and success your way man!

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