Forex Trading: 3 Tips To Successful Trading

Forex Trading: 3 Tips To Successful Trading

How do I follow up an excellent week of trading? With another one! This weeks video locks in on a few of the ideas I shot out to my Syndicate Members this week and attaches a valuable lesson to each one. Make sure you watch until the very end as I take you behind the curtains of my Live Trading Room and share a very valuable lesson on trading psychology and controling emotions while involved in a trade.


  1. Hello. I always enjoy listening to your teaching. I am now a syndicate member, but how can I be a member of your live stream?

  2. Thanks for your wisdom and insight!

  3. Carbon FX Trading

    thumbs up for God of trading!! :D

  4. thats nice

  5. +Akil Stokes When you become a syndicate member, you trade in live room and we make same moves as you make?

  6. Hey Akil ! Thanks again for your time doing these vids. My trading has been going real good. Recently. I have a question, do you have 1 trading time frame? Or more? Do you think it's more profitable to trade other timeframes?

    Thank you 

  7. Marc A. Baumgartner

    Hey Akil, like always a great job! Thanks a lot!

  8. What time is Live trading (NZ Time) with you? And can I register for that?

  9. Great review Akil – keep rockin' the markets!

  10. Akil, as always an excellent video. I have gone through the pro trader course, signed up for the 1$ trial in the syndicate and went on to taking a full year. Ever since I joined TE, my trading skills have improved 10 fold and I have started winning which never happened in the past. It's great to apply everything learned in the course.

  11. You make so much sense Akil on your Videos. I live in the UK and a lot of the time I get your videos quite late. Still, I have managed to accumulate a total pip collection of 1500. 

  12. Great video man, as always.

  13. Ahmed Aljaroudi

    Awesome video, your videos are getting better every week. 

  14. Hi Akil. I am new. To watch live show what time ( NZ time) do you come on and how do I get involved???

  15. Akil you have taught me a solid foundation to trading: thanks for your continued knowledge.

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