Forex Trading 101 – Which Currency Pair to Start With?

Forex Trading 101 – Which Currency Pair to Start With? – Free Forex Webinar Training – Our Forex Trades Directly to your Inbox! $1 Trial

Forex Trading for Beginners Part 2 – How to choose a currency pair to trade.

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  1. Just awesome!

  2. can, anyone help? how can I start paper trading strict novice and beginners

  3. Actually, for a seasoned trader who knows what they are talking about…it is called the "swissy", just like GBP/USD is called "cable", etc, etc…..newbies :-)

  4. TruthSetsYouFree2013

    wtf is swissy? What are you like 5 yrs old? I don't even think that's a word. The correct term is euroswiss.

  5. i liked the friend analogy very good video

  6. Thanks

  7. awesome. But Keep Research, And Research. This is Advice For new Beganner

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  10. BookonForexTrading

    I like your style Josh.

  11. HowToBecomeRich100

    best video.

  12. Great videos!!

  13. Hey folks, we just uploaded another video in our channel for the forex trading for beginners forex training videos. Check them out.

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  17. Thanks for all the love everyone! Looking forward to adding more videos to this forex trading for beginners series. 

  18. Boyprodz Boyprodz

    Haha, very exciting as ever! 


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