Forex Strategy That Works

Forex Strategy That Works

Forex Strategy That Works When the Market Isn’t Trending.

The Forex market only trends about 20% of the time. Here’s a Forex Strategy that works when the market isn’t trending. It’s based on the “reversion to the mean.” Check out this video for answers.

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  1. I have been using the 50 EMA but thanks for showing the advantage of the 50 SMA

  2. BaBa 'Forex' Ganoush Acid Day Trading

    Good teacher – keep it vegetarian

  3. Sergio Bokancha

    Dr. Burns my greetings to you. Thank you for the video!

  4. I've enrollled to the rubber band trade and I loved the videos, Your content is awesome but your site is pretty ugly is hard to understand and navigate and the contents behave as a bunch of spam but again is so much great

  5. i was actually watching this yesterday asking myself why is it still growing and when i can sell it, no luck for me

  6. Thank you for the video. The reason the slope on your simple MA is still moving up (around the c8 label @ 7:30) is due to the proceeding uptrend and that price (again around c8 @ 7:30) retraced from what looks like a measured move/correction (in fact, before candle close you might have been looking at the current MA sloping down). So, I can't see where the edge comes from? Placing an order around the c8 label (if that is correct) would be no different to trading the second leg of a pull-back in the trend.

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