Forex Strategy Success

Forex Strategy Success

Forex strategy success relies greatly upon reading the price structure of movements in spot Forex markets.

One excellent way to understand the price structure of the Forex markets, and to use as part of your Forex strategy, is to use 4 moving averages that consistently provide support and resistance.

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  1. amazing video . Could you plz make a video on volume

  2. Francis Connell

    The fact that you invite us to COMMENT IN REAL TIME and respond to our questions in a timely manner should let1st time visitors know that you are the real deal.
    We hear a lot about fake news these days. Well there are a lot oF FAKE FOREX VIDEOS AND "GURUS" OUT THERE, WHO PUT UP COPIED and BOGUS STRATEGIES so that they can then turn around and sell you their BOGUS FX strategies.

    BARRY BURNS IS THE REAL DEAL. He actually communicates with his followers. WOW, WHAT A CONCEPT?
    Keep up the great job Barry, you are fuckin awesome!

  3. Stephen Brent

    I don't believe I have heard anyone explain concepts or strategies or market movement as understandably! Thank you!,

  4. Brianna Echerd

    You are a great teacher.

  5. Roger Rampling

    I have found several of Barry's videos useful, though he tries too hard to sound cute. This video started out OK, and rapidly became silly.

  6. Do u really trade Forex, Barry? Would think u wouldn't as i've heard long ago,(as well as recently) how corrupt/corruptible it is (i.e., "sham") with several "firms" fined/closed down for manipulation w/in FX. Also, I can't see any volume on currencies when watching TOS platform. Is FX Legit vs. illegit? Pls answer for one n all. Like your teaching methods as seen in vids. +TopDogTrading (also: "timing video?" not sure i've seen)

  7. Once again Brother Burns strikes at the heart of 4x trading skills. Fantastic!!! I've been trading this technique for years (learned from the TDT course).

  8. I cant understand what u r trying to explain.just bouncing ?? time wasting video

  9. Barry Burns always puts a lot into the free videos he puts out and this is no exception. Thanks!


  11. Unsubscribing because I do not need to receive the same exact email from Barry Burns 3 times in 2 days. What a PITA!

  12. Love love your videos. I ordered your book yesterday Trend Trading. Thank you for your down to earth personality. ☺

  13. Shurman Semeleer

    does it work on smaller time frames? lets say the 5 and 15 min?

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