Forex Strategies that Work, Amazing Triangle

Forex Strategies that Work, Amazing Triangle

Forex strategies that work – how I trade Triangle, my favorite pattern in Forex trading and simple Forex system. I trade with broker Article – Trading Statement – Forex Trading Systems that Work! I’m not a guru, just a part-time trader. Subscribe

Risk warning: Trading foreign exchange and futures on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. The high degree of leverage can work against you, as well as to your advantage. Before deciding to invest in foreign exchange or futures, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore, you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange and futures trading, and consult with an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts.


  1. Jonathan Velasco

    Thank you for the video

  2. you got me, thanks from mexico !

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    This is awesome. You are great among women and men in the fx world!

  4. Faridul Islam

    Thank you very much for your video! I basically use so many
    trading strategies in my live trading chart according to the trading pair
    nature! Like I use same trading strategy for EUR/USD and EUR/JPY! And I have an
    especial trading strategy for gold metal! In addition, I have full access to
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  5. Where is the BOUTOM?

  6. Anybody know what is Trabeplom System about? I hear a lot of people get lots of bucks with this Trabeplom System (google search it).

  7. Hi Jana. May I know what made you to go short on 15 Nov, 2014? Were you intending to capture the triangle breakout movement?

  8. Hey, do you use indicators ? Like TTM squeeze, stochastic oscillator , bollinger bands.. etc .

  9. what time frame do you set for the charts. For Example 1m chart for 10 min Entry

  10. This is one best video of forex that i have ever seen you are the best janna you are truely a master of forex much thanks to you big up janna thanks

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  14. Siyabonga Ntombela

    Hello Janna, can you please in your next videos please do a video that includes how and when you place your trailing stops. And also at times you mention closing positions, can you please eloborate on what positions are those and why you close them.

    Thank You

  15. Hi Janna, awesome videos!
    In most literature I read that good risk management is to always have at least 2:1 profit to loss ratio. You seem to have a very loose stop loss points. Almost the other way around so for every loss you need to have at least 2 wins to break even. It's maybe because I'm new to this that I place too tight stop losses and sometimes that is a double edged sword as well. How come that you risk so much on each trade? Did you ever revisit that strategy to find some tighter stop loss points which would hold on most winning trades but potentially lower your risk? I mean, if your stop loss is at the beginning of the next entry and you already lose let's say 30 pips by that time and then enter another trade in the different direction and aim for 10 pips, isn't that counter intuitive? 🙂 I'm really not confident enough to risk so much, but then again that could also be why I will lose on more positions because I'm getting stopped all the time. Was it the same for you when you first started trading?

  16. hi janna, thanks so much . You help me a lot God bless you so much. I am interesting get more video for account management

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  18. Well done Jana. I trade similar way you trade check one of my small live acc. It is a bit risky but you have to have courage, if you want make money see my results. I have been making very good withdrwals


  19. Prince M. Golds

    Jana do you mind sharing who was your mentor?

  20. Freja Fonseca Nielsen

    On your website you write that you often make 2 orders. What do you mean by that? Thank you in advance ?

  21. TheHeavensHell06

    can i know where do you put your stop?

  22. Prince Ukandu

    Janna are you on Skype can i get your chat setups……i really wanna learn your news pattern

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    Janna i like it when i see a woman trading very well. nice calls

  24. Thank you for a very useful and clear video on forex )

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