Forex Simple Day Trading Strategy, Trading With The Trend

Forex Simple Day Trading Strategy, Trading With The Trend When the market is not moving well you can use this simple day trading strategy. When the market is moving go for the larger time frames to make the big bucks.


  1. when the trend reverses you wipe your account

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    Is there any free software for screening for trending pairs?

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  9. Hey mate, sorry I'm new to this thing. How do you make pips on those downward movements? I normally wait till the movement goes all the way down, and then starts rising, then I enter and wait for it to rise. Apparently you can make pips on downward movements as well. How can I do that?

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    Ok, trading with the trend yes it makes sense, however, just like any other strategy it DOESN'T WORK. There's no such thing as a reliable indicator or time frame, and even if you disregard them all and focus on pure price action…you'll lose money anyway.
    The only difference between a good trader and a bad one is that it'll take longer to the best trader to blow his/her account

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