Forex RSI Trading Strategy

Forex RSI Trading Strategy

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Video shows how to create a Forex trading strategy using the RSI indicator combined with Moving Averages. The presentation also goes through how to set it up using the Meta Trader 4 platform.


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  4. Hi Ron,
    I saw your video today on Youtube about RSI and MA strategy, and I must say you deserve great appreciation for such a good work.
    I wanted to ask you about the role of "Levels" in MA. While I was setting up the Moving Averages for my meta trader 4, I went into that tab and made some changes. Can you please tell me what should be changes or values in that portion. I understand normally we need to leave everything alone except some of the changes in the parameters as shown by you in the video I am talking about.
    I'll be grateful to you.

  5. excellent.

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  14. martin ettenes

    Without a bit of sound, it feels like I watching a Charlie Chaplin movie …

  15. Master Trader

    What Time frame should we use this on

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    thx very much

  17. Jeremy Osborn

    Audio needs to be better for such a well explained and good strategy!

  18. Stephen Summers

    Thank you for this video! 🙂 Been testing this method out and so far it seems to be very promising. I am new to trading and it has been tough to find simple trading methods that actually work. I am going to continue to experiment with this. Do you have a good method for targeting the highest or lowest exit point? Seems relying on these two indicators alone will create a lot of shallow trades, regardless of winning trades. Of course the winning trade is what matters in the end. 😛 

    Maybe once the candles start to close inside the bollinger bands would be a good indicator?

    It's a shame there are so many jerks posting on this video. We are lucky there are people like him out there to give us this information. Does it kill you people to turn your volume up? I am on a laptop and I managed just fine.

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  20. Ernesto Albuquerque

    LOUSY audio

  21. Morne vanderwesthuizen

    Hi, which time frame charts will work best with the strategy ? and what expiry times ?

  22. Milinda Fernando

    tankx a lot friend

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