Forex RSI Indicator Strategy

Forex RSI Indicator Strategy
(by The Author of Effective Guide To Forex Trading)

Find out how to use the forex RSI indicator effectively from a full time trader at


  1. thanks its the best video .

  2. Great vid!! On the contrary, doesn't Lee sound Nigerian haha

  3. great stuffs…thanks


    Thank you so much Lee

  5. Very helpful video Kevin! Many thanks

  6. forgot your exit

  7. MotionInMotion1975

    Great video, Lee. Thanks for posting it.

  8. i don't understand RSI..

  9. you can compliment rsi with eric muathe

  10. Forex without indicators Support to trade

    Trading without indicators, look at the channel

  11. This strategy is incomplete. There is no mention of what the setting is for the RSI and there is no mention of what the moving average is.

  12. Giggidygiggidy12

    Hi Lee,
    Are you still trading, van you post an update video on what strategies are working for you in the current market. Hope all is well

  13. Andreas Yudistira

    Omg this video is really helpful thank you…

  14. Awesome Video Lee……Thanks a lot

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  16. hi guys…RSI is fractal i.e  it can be used on any time frame…best results use RSI with STOCHASTICS… both compliment each other well… 

  17. hi Lee… excellent video on RSI… best RSI strategy on youtube… thanks

  18. @ponnara khan and @daniel1icecream… RSI is FRACTAL which means that it can be used on any time frame…on 1 m or 5 m or 10 or 15 m…

  19. Daniel1iCeCream

    what is your RSI period? is it 5?

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  21. Juan Manuel Reyes

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