Forex Renko Trading : How do you filter trading signals.

Forex Renko Trading : How do you filter trading signals.

In this video we review some of the trades taken on the EURUSD. We also talk about how to filter trading signals.


  1. William Hutcheson

    Easy to talk about filters without providing any information especially on a demo account.

  2. Lorenzo Antonio

    Nowhere in your video do you show "how to filter trading signals," as you purport to do in your title.

  3. Renko Forever Baby !!

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  5. Chartist Ranga

    Nice to see a fellow Renko enthusiast.. and one that also uses screencast-o-matic (pretty neat and simple software to record stuff).

    To add further to what you pointed out, to expect a strong move, especially when you are trading a smaller pip size (mean) renko, it makes sense to position oneself ahead of the news release. The rally off 1.116 came with the US pending home sales data which was a lot weaker than expected.

    And secondly, the time factor doesn't add into the renko here as it is an offline chart and the x-axis is redundant. A new renko is printed when price moves a certain number of pips and not at the start of a new M15 or any other session. An alternative is to have a strict rule to trade "after" Frankfurt open. Sometimes Asian session can be flat and at times you get some volatility (esp. if BoJ or other central banks make a surprise announcement or an important release).

    You however seemed to figure this out around 5:155:18 when you look at the current time.

    Nice video and look forward to seeing more videos. There's always something new to learn. Cheers.

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