Forex Price Action – Trading my Price Action Strategy Webinar

Forex Price Action – Trading my Price Action Strategy Webinar

In this webinar I trade my Forex price action strategy on past data using Forex Tester 2. I show you how I spot, analyze, enter, and manage price action trades.

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  1. Sometimes i wonder what people gain in posting over hyped videos here . I have lost so much following these videos but thank goodness i met Mr. Wayne

  2. Since you tend to use the bigger time frames, that'll also mean this also requires a bigger account as the draw downs are also expected to be order to be able to get any significantly noticible profits ?.

  3. Empress Hollings

    Thank you so much!

  4. Good Webinar Nick! Very useful! I think the only problem I'm having is placing the S/R on my charts. I'm placing them to close to each other compare to what your doing.

    On the other hand. I would like to see more. You do a great job at explaining what it is that your thinking about before taking the trade even though your nervous.

  5. Great webinar Nick, very informative and useful. Would definitely like to see more especially one with scalping strategies. Thank you

  6. Hey man great video !! you mentioned some free alternatives for forward testing will you please recommend a software ?

  7. Great info again Nick! Please keep these live tests using your strategy coming, so we can gain even more confidence!! Thanks for doing this even though you were a little "scared." Great job again man!!! The more you do these live sessions, the more confident you'll get at it too :)

  8. I use ForexTester2 also, it is so useful to save time on testing if a strategy is profitable over time or not and making stats. I import the M1 data which i export  from the programm "Tickstory" so tests are 1 to 1 like the real trades a made.

  9. Nick, thanks for this webinar. Really useful. 

  10. This was a great video. Awesome explanation for the trades, this was very helpful :)

  11. Why not trade live and prove your strategy, because you my friend are not a trader.

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