Forex. My 300 pips Profit with Simple News Trading Strategies

Forex. My 300 pips Profit with Simple News Trading Strategies

Forex. I made nearly 300 pips in 7 trades with simple news trading strategies I use. I trade with broker My Forex blog –
Forex Trading Systems that Work! I’m not a guru, just a part-time trader. Subscribe Turn ON annotations.

Risk warning: Trading foreign exchange and futures on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. The high degree of leverage can work against you, as well as to your advantage. Before deciding to invest in foreign exchange or futures, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore, you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange and futures trading, and consult with an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts.


  1. Hi Janna, do you have a signal that we can follow, also whats your average monthly equity growth?

  2. zarbitz Mitsuwan

    thank you very much Janna , one thing that i don't get, how do you know its will up or down when the time begin to be NFP , ECB, how do you press to take profit with it. it very fast and some time broker make delay . thank you so much.

  3. I subscribed to your channel Please subscribe to mine.. Thank You

  4. andrew360us X-GaminG Community


  5. are there any websites that can i find which news will be focused?

  6. Charles Roberts

    graed video thanks for pubelished

  7. Thank you for the informative video, it is very helpful. Can you do one live video to show how you choose your entry levels? Do you use support and resistance levels?

  8. Where do u get the news from?

  9. Hi Janna, how are you doing?I am sure you are doing right! I just wonder if you  are  using a pending order script to place buy and sel order  when trading news?? After watching your video i started to test a strategy to trade news with two pending orders placed on support and resistency levels but doing this work manualy is a time consuming so i i just wanted to know if you could share a pending order script that places 2 pending orders with SL and TP. i ve made a research on forums but i haven't found one that works perfectly!If you can give a hand i will be gratefull!

  10. shehaan tissera

    Hey first of all a bigggggg thanx.  it was really worth to me. thank u every much …!!!!!

     Q. Can we buy or sell stocks without an expiry date ?(is there any different between binary option trading and forex trading)

    Q. Will say after a  five second; the  opened operation value  was increased then can we close the operation and get the profit?
    plzzz help me to figure out this. 🙂 🙂 

  11. one thing I noticed was the profit values of $400 & $100 even. how on earth were you able to hit the profit amounts exactly like that? typically, traders will see various dollar amounts, along with various decimal values in cents. for example, if your profit was $401.26 I would be more likely to believe that. since I think a trader could get that close to the target amount, but to hit the amount exactly seems virtually impossible, even with take profit set at a good level.

  12. Can I ask why you only trade the EUR/USD pair? Is it because the spread is tight or you are just familiar with the EUR/USD and like the way it trades? Do you feel it is more predictable than other currency pairs?

  13. hei beauty thanks for your good video ,can i add your skype or Facebook?  I adore you more every day. ^_^

  14. Krunoslav Cicmir

    Newbie here, don't laugh!
    I'm just reading and watching youtube, even got few books on forex…
    I understand when you buy at 1.4000 and then it goes up to 1.4010 and sell you make 10pips right?

    How on earth you make money when it goes down let say 1.3900 ?

    any recommended reading where that is explained or video?

    Sorry for a newbie question 🙂
    Happy trading!

  15. Janna, I really noticed this November is a great month of trading…what other months would you say thats also great month to trade? Does this kind of volatility in markets only come in November? What are your thoughts…


  16. Estrategias Profesionales

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate it and I have no doubt that you are helping so many people around the world. Take care. Hugs

  17. +Janna FX Hi Janna, thx for the video. Quick question, how do you take of half position while the trade is still going? 

  18. Maurizio Zappelli

    Hi Janna! Could you share your setup to trade the last NFP. what was your value for the buy and sel stop, TP and SL? The last movement it was very particular. I have fixe the stop orders but the muvement pull back very fast with out touch my TP of 20 pips

  19. hi janna could you make aweekly video of your trades so that we know best trades for that week

  20. Janna, I've been using Tallinex and MT4 for a week and the spreads on it are too wide when I enter trade. I suffer a lot on spreads. Is it because I do market execute instead of setting up pending orders?

  21. I just love your chart Janna! It looks and feels quite easy but very risky for anyone who has no idea on how to trade the news release, right?  
    How many news do you read before deciding to enter a news trade?
    And which website do you go to collect valid info about any upcoming big news? (I prefer free ones… ha ha) 
    Would you mind sharing it with me? 
    I really appreciate you sharing your videos. I really enjoyed it!  

    (For me,I usually just open forex factory calendar and babypis but it's not much info there. That's about it for me. As you can see, I don't have much confidence with any big news but I would love to trade them if I know how.) 

  22. very good result Janna, keep it up….

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