Forex Moving Average Strategy – Strategy for Forex Moving Averages and Crossovers

Forex Moving Average Strategy – Strategy for Forex Moving Averages and Crossovers

Forex Moving Average Strategy –

Forex Moving averages are some of the most popular and widely used technical indicators. They are used in forex trading as well as trading in other markets.

However a lot of Forex traders and stock traders make mistake while using these.

In this video I have explained what are the common mistake traders make, a simple and yet effective trading strategy based on Forex Moving averages. Also I have spent 2 minutes to explain some other important points

Forex Moving averages can be used in 2 forms –

1. Exponential Moving Average (EMA)
2. Simple Moving Average (SMA)

According to me Exponential moving averages are more accurate than Simple moving averages since EMAs place more emhasis on recent price.

When it comes to moving averages, there are 2 ways to most of the traders use it –
1. When price bounces off the moving averages
2. When Forex moving averages crossover

According to me, Moving Average Crossovers don’t give a profitable entry point and that is because crossover is a lagging signal. The forex price has already advanced too much by the time Forex Moving Average do a cross over

On the other hand, bounce from a moving average is very accurate. So a bounce from Moving Average is a good point to enter the trade.

Just to mention,a crossover should be used to understand the direction of the market.

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All right, in the video you’ll also find a simple and effective trading strategy that is based on forex moving average.

Remember, if you want to use EMAs/SMAs you must know Forex Candlesticks.

If a trader uses MAs without knowing candlesticks, his/her most of the trades may end up in loss.

Also, don’t plot more than 2 moving average on the forex chart. More than 2 will just induce indecisiveness due to which good trade opportunities may get missed.

So go ahead and watch the video..

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Forex Moving Average Strategy –


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