Forex Fibonacci Retracement Trading Strategy Tutorial

Forex Fibonacci Retracement Trading Strategy Tutorial

Learn how to trade Forex using the Fibonacci Retracement tool


  1. Would love to see the Pyramid adding strategy. Great work!!

  2. I love to watch your video very useful. thank you so much

  3. Maurice Ola Concise

    What programme are you using for this video tutorial to draw your Fibonacci retracements ? Can it work on iMac ?

  4. hello do you have a download for the indicator

  5. just started watching your videos and I really enjoy the way you explain everything. Keep up the great work!

  6. Thank you for an excellent video! I'm just starting to learn about Fibonacci Retracements and I found your explanation really clear, easy to follow and understand. Consequently I've now subscribed to your channel and I'm looking forward to watching some of your other videos. Keep up the good work, thanks again. Oh, I nearly forgot.. I did wonder which time frame you find the Retracements work best on if any. Regards – Neil.

  7. This is definitely one of better videos that I have found on how to correctly draw fibonacci on my charts. Thank you, Yolanda! You really are great at explaining difficult concepts. You rock! :)

  8. Muzaffar Hashmi

    very nice, please share pyramiding video

  9. pyramiding video please.

  10. Yes…please make a video showing your pyramiding strategy…thanks!

  11. Christopher French

    Totally new to FIBS….glad God led me to this video…..very easy to understand….

  12. Great Videos

  13. love your videos! Gonna start trading with your signals and advice soon!

  14. You have great videos. Keep doing what you're doing!

  15. is have u making pyamading video

  16. thank u now i understand it but one question is it work on other time frame or only 1h

  17. Hey, great tutorial to start off! most clear and informative Ive seen in looking through videos for about an hour. I was wondering if theres an area or zone that occurs after breaking out of the fibonacci zone where the trader should then exit their trade?

  18. Wow so well explained. I am a newbie and scouting around to see who can explain well or rather whom can I follow!!!! Thanks ET

  19. Extraordinary Trading

    +Earth Brother 7 Good point. This is also a great way to enter trades during news events. I use this strategy sometimes. It depends on the market conditions. If price is consolidating and swinging a lot then I am less likely to use this strategy. The reason being is that I have seen price move to the 50% level then 23.6% level before retracing to the 61.8% level. I try to minimize draw downs and avoid having my stop losses hit because I intend to be in my trades for sometime. However, if I were a momentum trader then what you describe is exactly what I would do. Also, my trading style changes up a bit depending on market conditions (trending, range bound, etc.), which is something that I'll be discussing in a future video.

  20. Earth Brother 7

    How about entering with momentum instead of counter trend grid? Price retraces beyond 50 and you place stop orders in the direction of trend starting at let's say 61.8 the 50 ans so on…

  21. Earth Brother 7

    Yes please make a Pyramiding video.  Thank you!!!

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