Forex Correlation Trading Idea

Forex Correlation Trading Idea

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In this video, I discuss a simple concept that banks have been using for years 2:29 there might be something to perk your interest here.

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Most of our straegies these days focus on forex and binary options. In the forex realm, we have out morning forex trade calls at 4am and 10am and binary options trade signals run all day every day.

We also have auto traders for forex currently, as of the time this comment was made.

I will speak a little about binary options now because this is the largest leap we are currently involved with. Binary options that we talk about are not the crappy unregulated bucket shop nonsense. We are talking about Cantor Exchange and Nadex. Both of these are CFTC regulated binary options exchanges. There is a huge difference in a binary options broker and a binary options exchange. Broker will trade against you and exchanges will not.

Whether you are looking for a binary options strategy that comes at any given time each day or a forex strategy that comes at the same time each morning, try out our trader tool suite! With this trading analysis tool, you will be able to see your own probability of a win or loss on every trade!

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