Forex Bollinger Band Strategy

Forex Bollinger Band Strategy

A quick strategy to trade Forex from CM Trading (http:–


  1. Arturo Alan Baldenegro

    There is not such thing as"oversold" or "overbought".. And there is no way to know when the range or trend begins or ends, how do you handle that?

  2. 50 SMA right ? Or EMA ?

  3. Great Video and nice teaching , this best Explains Mr. Wayne's method

  4. André Miguel

    Actually, 2 standard deviations means 95% of the values fall into that range.

  5. Great video guy's no doubt but still one requires a very good mentor than just watching videos that are not practicable.

  6. Amancio Robert

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  10. Someone please tell me what is meant by being 50 period overbought and 50 period over sold moving average?

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  15. James Rodriguez

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  18. there actually are some more ways to trade BB.. and actually they can get you into that big drop if you know what you are looking for so fantastic for trending markets

  19. very low Volume dude

  20. Forget indicators and technical analysis, see and repeat, all shown here +Philip Doak

  21. Kermit, is that you?

  22. Dumb question time, When you talk about the 50 period for buying are you talking about the actual average price or lower 2nd deviation? and vice versa for selling??

  23. sound is very low mate

  24. Mohd Shahrizan Mohd Saad

    thank you sir, may god bless your for this help

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  26. Very good presentation.

  27. dean liddlecabel

    This strategy is not based on binary options is it? As binary is based on time not pips. I would assume M15 time frame would be more ideal for H1 trades? or do you still think that the M30 is the way to go?

  28. dean liddlecabel

    What is your success rate on this? Just out of curiosity

  29. Wladimir Schelechow


  30. Steveee Azberg

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  31. angkor webcaster

    May you tell us clear what level you are on Moving average sir ?

  32. Dhr Willemsen

    finaly something easy for the starters.


  33. Daniel1iCeCream

    Are you using 50 EMA or SMA?

  34. FreeTrendIndicators

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  35. Henrique Vilela

    I would like to hear from you what are your theories about why it does perform better in the 30m and 1 day periods.

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  40. smita ratnakar

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  41. Andrew Kennedy

    This is a great great way trading strategy with almost no failure. The only issue is that you will rarely see the 50 period ma being on top of an overbought area or below an oversold area. This way of trading is interesting, but only if the pattern appeared more often.


    i think we should combine it together with stochastic indicator. what do you think?

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  45. Archit Sharma

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  46. FreeTrendIndicators

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  48. Capital Forex Training

    Nice video. I think it's important to confirm that the best time to trade Bollinger band bounces is when the bands are starting to contract. When they expand away from each other, they tend to drag price action along with them.

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